Accounting and Finance Jobs in Kenya.

Why accounting and finance jobs in Kenya?

Here are just some of the reasons why students choose to study an accounting and finance degree:

Stimulating for accounting and Finance Jobs in Kenya.

The world of finance and investment banking attracts many top graduates. Household names such as PWC, Deloitte, Ernest & Young, are synonymous with exciting assignments and glamorous lifestyles.

Rewarding for accounting and Finance Jobs in Kenya.

Careers in accounting and finance are associated with very high salaries. A recent National Institute study identified accounting as the most lucrative of all degree courses in terms of graduates’ lifetime earning capacity.

Variety for accounting and Finance Jobs in Kenya.

International accounting firms offer a bewildering array of career opportunities to suit all interests including traditional auditing and assurance work, management consulting, corporate finance, IT consulting, tax planning, human resources (HR) and insolvency. The same is true for the large investment banks and financial institutions.

Leadership for accounting and Finance Jobs in Kenya.

After gaining their professional qualifications, many accountants move into senior management positions in large firms. The Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) in many of Kenya's leading companies are qualified accountants. All Finance Directors (the step down from the CEO in the corporate hierarchy) are accountants.

Here are Specific Accounting and Finance Jobs in Kenya: Job Summary, Job Description, Job qualification Requirements and Specific skills and competences for each category. Click on the link to read more.

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Chief Accountant Jobs in Kenya: The chief accountant jobs in Kenya entails that the holder is the lead accountant responsible for central operations in any given accounting department.

Accounts Assistant Jobs in Kenya: Responsible for assisting and providing administrative support to team of accountants within a business.

Account Relationship Manager Jobs in Kenya: The holder is required to market and manage ME customer relationships through a pro-active and consultative approach

Accounting administrator Jobs in Kenya: The accounting administrator also performs all necessary bookkeeping, including closing books.

Accounts payable accountant jobs in Kenya: The purpose of Accounts payable accountant is to improve and take a lead role in processing of suppliers accounts in the systems,

Accounts Transactions Specialist jobs in Kenya: To work as part of the administration, accounting and resource management staff in the company.

Administrative Assistant jobs in Kenya: The purpose of Administrative Assistant jobs in Kenya is to provide administration and logistics support through effective coordination, planning and monitoring of project activities.

Branch Accountant Jobs in Kenya: A branch accountant records and prepares financial statements for a branch office of a company--such as a bank branch

Chief Finance officer Jobs in Kenya: The purpose of this role is to direct and oversee all of the financial activities, including the preparation of current financial reports and forecasts for future business growth.

Cost Engineer Accountant Jobs In Kenya: To provide cost engineering services to the exploration and development team responsible for execution of Technical Projects.

Credit Control Executive Jobs in Kenya: To effectively manage the company’s credit control policy and minimize overdue trade debtor’s balances, to ensure continued liquidity to meet company obligations

Credit Controller Jobs in Kenya: To effectively manage the company’s credit control policy and minimize overdue trade debtor’s balances,

Data entry Jobs in Kenya: He/she shall initially carry out the duties and functions of a data officer as stated here-below.

Deputy Finance Manager Jobs in Kenya: To assist the Head of Finance to manage, administer and coordinate activities in the financial accounting functions of the Finance Department.

Finance and Administration Manager Jobs in Kenya. Responsible for setting up an efficient and effective set of administrative and financial procedures and overseeing the day to day operation of the finance and administration department.

Head of Finance and strategy jobs in Kenya. Requires the incumbent to be responsible for formulating and implementing the Bank’s strategy as well as providing value adding financial management information to the Executive and the Board of Directors.

Finance Assistant Jobs in Kenya. To support the finance manager in management and accountability of transactions

Accountant Jobs in Kenya. Accountants and auditors help to ensure that firms are run efficiently, records kept accurately, and taxes paid properly and on time.

Finance Executive Jobs in Kenya A finance executive jobs in Kenya place the incumbent as a member of a company's top leadership team who typically reports to the chief financial officer (CFO) or the chief executive officer (CEO).

Finance Manager Jobs in Kenya: A holder of finance manager jobs in Kenya is responsible for providing financial advice and support to clients and colleagues to enable them to make sound business decisions.

Loans officer jobs in Kenya: Direct Lending; Loans officer jobs in Kenya will be responsible to the Officer Direct Lending for assisting in project appraisal for technical, financial, and economic viability.

Finance officer jobs in Kenya: The Finance Officer will be directly responsible for timely and accurate monitoring, recording and reporting of all financial transactions.

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