Deputy Finance Manager Jobs in Kenya.

Deputy Finance Manager jobs in Kenya Overall Responsibility

To assist the Head of Finance to manage, administer and coordinate activities in the financial accounting functions of the Finance Department.

The post also involves ensuring smooth processing of work, maintaining acceptable levels of discipline, job performance and productivity.

Key Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities of deputy finance manager jobs in Kenya.

Monitoring, Controlling and Reporting.

• Coordinating and controlling all financial accounting functions, ensuring all expenses are fully and properly accounted for, in accordance with company procedures/ guidelines, safekeeping of cheque books and ensuring established signing authorities are complied with, ensuring confidentiality in all financial transactions.

• Providing operating divisions with suitable guidelines on raising of accounting documents, facilitating expeditious payments of insurance claims. Ensuring reinsurance premiums are properly calculated and remitted, ensuring that all control accounts are reconciled on a monthly basis.

• Create and maintain all schedules relating to the company’s financials (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash flow,)

• Propose and maintain adequate provisioning in the company’s financials

• Identify, deliberate and disclose all contingencies & off balance sheet transactions &/ events

• Providing the necessary information for internal and external audits and conducting financial investigations as necessary.

• producing monthly and quarterly financial accounts in accordance with the calendar of events for the department.

• Ensure timely reconciliation of all General Ledger accounts.

• Ensuring that records relating to staff deductions are properly maintained and quarterly statements are maintained and produced ensuring that statutory deductions are paid on due dates.

• On a regular basis reviewing both the computerized and manual systems to ensure they are efficient, identifying areas that need to be computerized or enhanced to improve overall efficiency and remove duplication of roles and transactions.

Overseeing Accounting Systems and Procedures duties of Assistant Finance Manager

• Advice on staff deployment issues within the section and ensuring optimum utilization of human resource.

• Ensuring accurate computation of applicable tax and timely payment of same.

• Ensuring timely submission of returns to the Commissioner of insurance.

• Ensure all documentation pertinent to the financials is maintained specifically: Contracts, agreements, procurement minutes etc.

• Ensure that a fixed assets register is maintained and that all assets are readily identifiable through a unique number for each asset.

• Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time.

Minimum requirements for Deputy Finance Manager.

Qualification of Assistant Finance Manager jobs in Kenya.

• First degree Commerce or any other Business related field.

• CPA (K).

Experience requirements for assistant finance manager Kenyan Jobs.

• 6 years relevant working experience two of which should be in middle management.

• Experience in working with the insurance industry will be an added advantage.

Deputy Finance Manager jobs in Kenya Key Competencies:

• Ability to analyze financial data and prepare financial reports, statements, and projections

• Ability to generate professional written reports

• Strategic thinking skills

• Negotiation skills

• Strong communication and interpersonal skills

• Planning and organizational skills

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