Accounts Transactions Specialist jobs in Kenya

The Accounts Transactions Specialist jobs in Kenya will require the candidate to work as part of the administration, accounting and resource management staff in the company.

Under the general supervision of the Finance Manager, and the direct supervision of the chief accountant.

Accounts Transactions Specialist job duties and responsibilities:

• Provide primary assistance and support to the accounts department in processing accounting transactions.

• Handle routine data entry to the system including posting of purchase orders, purchase requisitions, appointments for short term consultants and temporaries; extended term consultants and temporaries, consulting firms, goods receipt, and service entry sheets.

• Undertake online banking, check writing and any other payment related transactions and filing of accounting documents.

• Identify and resolve diverse accounting and administrative transactional issues as they arise, which often require interpretation of existing procedures and processes and independently determine appropriate applications and /or in consultation with the finance manager.

• Process online internal purchase of office supplies and consumables.

• Ensure that all transactions are made in compliance with the company’s policies and procedures and the required documentations are fulfilled before processing the transactions.

• Properly use petty cash budgets after obtaining authorization or clearance from the chief accountant or finance manager.

• Follow up contracts and ensure that payments are made properly and timely as per the terms and conditions and close contracts after verifying that all payments due are paid and any unutilized balance will not be paid.

• Review and manage any long outstanding contracts or items and follow up timely settlements.

• Perform other tasks assigned by Finance Manager and act as primary back-up to the chief Accountant.

Accounts Transactions Specialist jobs qualifications: • University degree in accounting with three years experience.

• CPA(II) qualifications

• Prior experience in a computerized accounting environment,

• ability to handle sensitive and confidential information

• strong interpersonal skills

• Commitment to work in a team–oriented, in a multi-disciplinary within a matrix management environment, is required.

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