Branch Accountant Job in Kenya description.

Branch accountant Job in Kenya description.

A branch accountant records and prepares financial statements for a branch office of a company--such as a bank branch--and ensures that such statements comply with industry standards, company policies and regulatory requirements.

An accounting specialist also ensures that a branch's controls, operating mechanisms and internal policies are adequate.

Reporting to the Finance Manager at the Head Office and administratively to the Branch Manager, the job holder will be responsible for accounting and financial records and the control function of the branch.

Branch accountant job in Kenya Key Responsibilities.

• Overall in charge of Account Assistants the branches.

• Petty cash disbursements, timely accounting and re-imbursement and update of all relevant expenses.

• Management of stocks in the branches with monthly stock takes and variance analysis and action thereof.

• Monitoring of branch performance and weekly reports of revenues versus the sales targets.

• Timely billing and reconciliation of weekly sales to the respective retail centers account.

• Accurate and timely posting in the Accounting system and reconciliation of all branch operations. (E.g. sales, purchases, expenses and bankings.)

• Quarterly audits for all retail centers

• Ensuring stringent adherence to the Internal Control Systems and the ISO procedures.

• Daily customer receipts, bankings and posting in the accounting system.

• Customers credit applications due diligence and filing for all the branches in liaison with the Accountant in charge of accounts receivables.

• Records management to ensure proper filing, confidentiality and compliance.

• Revenue assurance of all sales in the branches to ensure optimum profitability of the branches.

• Supplier relationship management for all the branches.

• To undertake other duties as and when requested.

Branch Accountant job in Kenya Qualifications and Competencies.

Academic Qualifications.


• CPA with 2 Years Experience OR

• B.Com Accounting/Finance Option with 2 Years Experience.


• Bachelor of commerce(Finance/Accounting and CPA)

• 2 Years Experience


• 2 years in Accounting in related industry

Work related skills for accountant.

• Good organizational skills

• Aggressive and Result Oriented

• Able to meet set target on a monthly basis

• Able to meet deadlines

• Good leadership qualities

• Accuracy

Personal attributes of an accountant.

• Positive ‘Can Do’ Attitude.

• Ability to work under pressure

• Trustworthy

• Team player

• Strong interpersonal skills

• Strong customer relation skills

Complexity and difficulty of the work.

• A demanding job that requires high level of accuracy and integrity

Successful performance standards.

• To ensure strong adherence of internal control systems.

• To send reports on timely basis.

• To update relevant transitions real time and maintenance of complete and accurate records .

• To work as a team with the senior accountant to meet all the of finance department targets

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