Article writing in kenya

To be a successful in Article writing in Kenya, here a few simple, easy ideas that just might help to get you started.

• If you want high pay for your articles, you must be at the top of your field. The better your writing skills are, the more money you will be able to earn while you work from home. In order to stand out from your competition, you must be able to consistently produce quality articles.

• Editing and proofreading skills are imperative. An article that has spelling and grammatical errors is not going to get you to the top.

• Research will play a large part in what you write. A company will solicit you for an article and give you a subject and guidelines. Unless you are an expert in that field, you are going to have to spend some time researching your subject.

• Internet marketing is growing and an internet marketer may be your best client. Many internet marketers "outsource" their articles, so you will need to learn the fine art of keyword research. A successful internet marketer lives and dies by keywords, so you will need to learn everything you can about key words, search engine optimizing, etc. All of this information is available online, and it might take a week or so to really learn it inside and out, but it will make the difference between a good article and an effective article.

• A client who is interested in hiring you is going to want a sample of your writing to assess your content and skills. Even if you don't have a client yet, go to an article writing platform such as EzineArticles and start writing. You can get your best work published online. These articles will serve as your resume so write to impress. A great article will not only sell itself, it will sell the author.

• You must be able to produce articles in a timely manner. A great writer will finish an assignment under his/her deadline. A great writer becomes an "in demand" writer.

Here are the articles writing guidelines, a guide on how to write a compelling article, article writers agreement and also the fees and payment terms.

Please read through the above articles on article writing in Kenya before requesting to be a writer.

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