Finance Manager Jobs in Kenya

A holder of finance manager jobs in Kenya is responsible for providing financial advice and support to clients and colleagues to enable them to make sound business decisions. Specific work environments vary considerably and include both public and private sector organizations.

Financial considerations are at the root of all major business decisions. Clear budgetary planning is essential for short and long-term future planning, and companies need to know the financial implications of any decision before proceeding.

In addition, care must be taken to ensure that financial practices are in line with all statutory legislation and regulations.

Authority and Resources for Finance Manager jobs in Kenya:

• Authorised to control all staff, vehicles, equipment and systems employed within the finance department.

• Administer and approve capital expenditure in line with the organization guidelines.

• Authorised to ensure Accounting & Financial reporting accuracy & completeness.

• Authorised to set out local policies & procedures in line with the company's requirement to ensure strong Internal Control environment.

Performance Measures for Finance Manager Jobs in Kenya:

On time submission of P&L and Balance sheet;

Company target of:

• Budgeting and Forecasting

• Earning Before Interest & Tax (EBIT)

• Economic profit

• Working Capital

• Treasury Functions

• Timely reporting of month end variances (weeklies & monthlies)

• >60 days debt%

• Weekly sales outstanding (WSO)

• CAS Audit report Ratings indicating strong internal control.

• Timely submission of statutory returns.

• International Financial reporting standards Compliance.

Finance Manager Jobs in Kenya Key Responsibilities.

Strategy & Operating plan.

• Provide a Company's Strategic and an Operating plan for the function in line with the company's Strategy & Growth Plan.

• Prepare Strategic Plan for the company in coordination with the Managing Director.

• Ensure the relevant key objectives and performance outcomes are promptly communicated at frequent intervals to all levels of management.

• Initiate cross company dialogue to support appropriate business undertakings.

• Ensure all processes are aligned to the Business Unit Operating Plan.

Shareholder Value.

• Achieve continuously improving profit targets.

• Ensure the company meets and exceed Economic Profit Targets.

• Deploy agreed right first time best practice processes as outlined in the company's strategy and achieve continuously improving Company targets for the key performance indicators associated with these processes.

Management Accounting.

• Prepare and at least achieve continuously improving financial and administrative budgets that meet company requirements.

• Ensure that appropriate corrective actions are taken when there are deviations from budgets, forecasts and other plans.

• Provide interpretative financial support and guidance thereby enabling the Company's CEO and other managers to make profitable decisions.

• Co-operate and maintain helpful dialogue with colleagues in other business units thereby ensuring that the global ambitions of the organization are achieved.

Financial Accounting, Budgeting & Forecasting duties of Finance manager jobs in Kenya.

• Create strong cash flow that helps the company achieve the vision.

• Produce accurate and useful weekly, monthly and annual accounts.

• Prepare the Quarterly Forecasts, Annual Budgets and Strategic Plans.

• Support the Country General Manager using VBM principles within a controlled and sound financial environment.

• Review and approve Capital Expenditure.

• Ensure compliance of all taxation matters.

Invoicing & Administration.

• Issue clean invoices and ensure prompt payment from customers in all branches of the company.

• Minimize the number of incoming and outstanding invoice queries from customers.

• Provide helpful feedback to other managers about how practices can be changed to create improved customer satisfaction, which includes ensuring that customer queries are systematically analyzed and acted upon by other functions.

Fiscal Compliance.

• Design and implement quarterly finance and administration business plans that comply with business policies and standards

• Provide a strongly controlled financial environment consistent with corporate and local statutory requirements.

• Ensure compliance of the organization and local legal and fiscal requirements.

Human resource Management aspect of Finance Manager jobs in Kenya.

• Ensure all finance and administration staff are equipped, trained, qualified, motivated, developed and empowered to provide high levels of satisfaction as measured in customer loyalty surveys

• Create a positive environment where all financial and administration employees and the country can excel.

• Maintain and develop recognition as an Investor in People organization.

Company Policy & Compliance.

Implement and comply with the following Company Policies:

• The organization’s standards.

• The organization’s Business Principles.

• Equal Opportunities

• Environmental

• Health and Safety

Essential Educational and / or Training Qualifications and Certificates for Finance Manager jobs in Kenya.

• Qualified and registered Accountant.

• Bachelors degree in accounting / Finance

• Masters degree level of education.

Preferred Experience and Knowledge.

• Over 10 years Financial / Accounting experience

• Over 5 years management experience a medium to large organization.

• Experience of working in computerized environment will be an advantage.

• Good Technical / working knowledge of relevant Accounting Standards

• Good Technical / working knowledge of all applicable local Fiscal, Legal, Accounting and Treasury related laws/legislations.

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