Loans officer jobs in Kenya: Direct Lending.

Loans officer jobs in Kenya will be responsible to the Officer Direct Lending for assisting in project appraisal for technical, financial, and economic viability.

Responsible also for assisting customers obtain funding. Assist loan applicants who have difficulty qualifying for traditional loans.

Loans officer jobs in Kenya Job Description.

• Carrying out customer assessment studies on their financial, economic and investment climate.

• Provide administrative support in the preparation of required material for officers under him.

• Assist in the collection of all necessary economic, financial, marketing and technical information/date required to evaluate potential lending projects.

• Put together Documentation for the Preparation of appraisal reports and investment proposals for consideration by Management.

• Analyze and verify applications to determine the client's creditworthiness.

• Understand and explain loan programs and guidelines.

• Establish prosperous working relationships with clients.

• Ability to structure loan program alternatives to match the borrower's motivation.

• Excellent communication and follow up skills

• Develop and maintain appropriate database on borrowers, investors, governments, institutions and other collaborating agencies which will assist in the efficient management of the company’s clients and other related activities.

• Organize workshops, meetings, seminars and workshops.

Minimum Qualifications, Key Skills and Competencies for Loans officer.

• Bachelors Degree (Finance) essential

• Post qualification experience of 3 (three) years

• Previous experience in loan appraisal

• Strong documentation and report writing skills

• Enhanced communication skills.

• Excellent communication and follow up skills

• Familiarity with project formulation

• Relevant work experience in roads housing finance industry

• Ability to work as part of team

• Good communication and people management skills

• Ability to work in a multi cultural background

• Information technology skills, especially Microsoft Office

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