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One of the characteristics of the job markets in the developing countries is that, job availability is not guaranteed, and when you get a job, you are not sure you will keep that job for long.

That's the situation I have been through

My names are Bernard Kinuthia. Am a kenyan citizen. Married to Maria Kinuthia and a father of 2 boys aged 9yrs and 4yrs.

Education background.

I started school at Karinga Primary school before proceeding to a provincial secondary school in central Kenya.

After O-level exams, I was admitted at the University of Nairobi, where I pursued Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics graduating 4 years later with a second class honors.

As I pursued my undergraduate degree at the university of Nairobi, I enrolled at Strathmore University, still in Nairobi on a part time basis to pursue a course in accountancy. I graduated 3yrs later as a certified public accountant of Kenya (CPA-K)

After working for 4 years I enrolled for Master of Business Administration (MBA), Strategic Management, at the university of Nairobi.

Have also completed Certified Fraud Examiner course from USA. Am a certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

Work experience.

Having undergone that kind of rigorous training, I thought securing a job was a walk in the park. I was dead wrong.

I stayed the first 10 months without a job and I was waking up every morning determined to secure employment only to return home in the evening, a disappointed man. After the 10 months, I secured a job as data entry clerk with a firm in Nairobi, where daily pay was Ksh 140 (roughly $2.)

In the subsequent 4 years, I was moving from one job to another as the only employment I could secure was on contract terms, and the longest was 6months contract.

I have undergone through countless interviews and attended hundreds of career guidance seminars, registered with several job recruitment agencies and generally undergone through all the experiences and heartaches of looking for a job.

I decided that what i had gone through was enough and I could not wish another person undergoing the same. I did put up this website as a way of passing on the experiences I have to others.

This site aims at easing the pain of being jobless, and Is a walking guide through the stages of developing your career and having a career that's satisfying to the soul and will ensure gratification of the soul and mind.

I welcome you all.

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