Top Kenyan Jobs Websites

A number of Kenyan jobs websites do place advertisements for current jobs. At website, we do not offer current job openings but we have useful links to the top Kenyan jobs websites.

This websites are credible and have genuine jobs. Some of the institutions listed below do charge a registration fee, but prospective job applicants are advised to be cautious when making payments.

These top Kenyan jobs websites do not guarantee the genuineness of any job opening but all candidates are advised to be cautious.

This top Kenyan jobs website has all the latest jobs posted. Its updated daily and the jobs are arranged in categories. The categories and the most recent jobs are in red.
This is the top Kenyan jobs blog published through google's blogger. The Kenyan jobs website is easy to navigate and all jobs are categorised.
A top Kenyan jobs website that gives a summury of the job. When you click on a link at the corner, you view the whole post. It also has easy navigation.
This Kenyan jobs website has been around for a while. The site has latest jobs in Kenya and also career tips and advice. Worth looking at.
Looking for a job in Uganda? This is where you get all job openings in Uganda. The Ugandan jobs website is easy to navigate and jobs are well categorised.
This is yet another top Ugandan jobs website. Here you have the option of registering your cv, the employer also registers to recruit people, and they also do executive job placements. Have a look at the website.
This is a classic Ugandan jobs website that tell you how many hours or days have passed since the job was advertised. Its a nice way of reminding you the deadline for applying is fast approaching. Have a look at the site.