Chief Accountant Jobs In Kenya

The chief accountant jobs in Kenya entails that the holder is the lead accountant responsible for central operations in any given accounting department.

The chief accountant jobs can be broadly categorised to involve the following 3 duties:

1.) Planning.

The chief accountant plans the technical and clerical activities. He also hands out work assignments to members of the accounting department. He plans how the accounting system will operate and what procedures will be followed.

2.) Directing.

The chief accountant plays a part in directing scheduled maintenance of the central accounting system within the operation. As a director, the chief accountant sets up improvement evaluations and measures for accounting staff. He also directs the preparation of annual documents, financial statements and reports.

3.) Consulting.

Consultation and advisement sessions are held with administrators by the chief accountant pertaining to laws and requirements of accounting systems. The chief accountant may also meet with governmental agencies to determine how transactions in the accounting system will be recorded or reported

Other duties that are part of Chief accountant jobs in Kenya include:

• Assist in the preparation of the payroll, payroll entries and ensure all accounting controls are in place.

• Compile and analyze financial information to prepare entries to accounts, such as general ledger accounts, and document business transactions.

• Establish, maintain, and coordinate the implementation of accounting and accounting control procedures.

• Analyze and review budgets and expenditures.

• Monitor and review accounting and related system reports for accuracy and completeness.

• Prepare and review budget, revenue, expense, invoices, and other accounting documents.

• Analyze revenue and expenditure trends and recommend appropriate budget levels, and ensure expenditure control.

• Explain billing invoices and accounting policies to staff, vendors and clients.

• Resolve accounting discrepancies.

• Recommend, develop and maintain financial data bases, computer software systems and manual filing systems.

• Supervise the input and handling of financial data and reports for the company's automated financial systems.

• Interact with internal and external auditors in completing audits.

• Other duties as assigned.

This not an exhaustive list of duties and responsibilities of chief accountant jobs in Kenya, other items not listed here my also be included.

Chief Accountant Jobs in Kenya Required Qualifications, Knowledge and Experience.

• Knowledge of finance, accounting, budgeting, and cost control principles including Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

• Knowledge of financial and accounting software applications.

• Ability to analyze financial data and prepare financial reports, statements and projections.

• This is normally acquired through a combination of the completion of a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, three to five years of accounting experience and successful completion of ACCA/CPA exams.

• Work requires willingness to work a flexible schedule

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