Major Employers in Kenya.

There are many large Major Employers in Kenya. Safaricom, a mobile network operator, is the largest company by market value and has revenues of around US$1 billion (2009).

There are conglomerates with interests in agriculture, energy, transport and financial services and many other sectors through subsidiaries and associate companies.

There are also many multinational companies that have set Africa bases in Kenya and they also employ a large number of employees and they form a large part of Direct Foreign Investments (DFI).

Among many multinational affiliates operating in the country are Barclay's, British American Tobacco, Standard Chartered Bank and Unilever.

The Nairobi Stock Exchange is the major constituent of the capital market; it has more than 45 companies listed, spanning all sectors of the economy.

The bonds market is also very active and through the regulation of Capital Markets Authority (CMA) its now possible for ordinary people to invest in the equity markets.

Click on any sector and get more information and some of the major players in that sector:

* Advertising sector

* Agricultural Sector

* Architecture and design

* Banks and Mortgage Finance Companies

* Building and Civil engineering Contractors

* Cleaning companies

* Clearing and forwarding companies

* Computers: Hardware and software dealers

* Entertainment Sector

* Hospital and Health facilities

* Hotels and Restaurants Sector

* Industrial and Manufacturing Sector

* Insurance Companies

* Internet Service Providers

* Investment companies and Investment banks

* Job recruitment firms

* Mobile service providers

* Motor vehicle dealers

* NGOs

* NSE listed companies

* Pension Funds and Fund managers

* Petroleum dealers

* Private Colleges

* Private Security Companies

* Public Colleges

* Radio Station

* Real Estate Sector

* Saccos

* Telecommunications

* Television Stations

* Tours and travel companies.

* Transportation Sector

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