Accounts Assistant Jobs In Kenya.

The Accounts Assistant jobs in Kenya are responsible for assisting and providing administrative support to team of accountants within a business. This includes clerical tasks such as typing reports, filing, handling phone calls, dealing with mail and low level book keeping
Main responsibilities of Accounts Assistant Jobs in Kenya:

• Daily updating the accountancy according to the chief accountant or Finance manager.

• Collaboration for preparing documents for financial/annual audits

• Maintain petty cash ledger of the office, under the supervision of the chief accountant or finance manager.

• cash and bank monthly reconciliation.

• Keeping the count of paid leave/holiday for the staff.

• Prepare the payroll and making payment of salaries to employees and unskilled workers.

• Making calculation and payments of the local taxes and contribution by the proper deadline (NSSF, NHIF, etc.)

• Keeping him/herself updated about the local Labour Law Act and local taxes and contributions.

• Support the chief accountant/finance manager in filling the yearly office assets inventory.

• Payments to suppliers after the payments have been approved.

• Payment of vehicles insurance, licence renewal and maintenance (under logistician’ suggestion) for company's vehicles

• Regularly check the correct filling of the Log Books, tittles and other documents of ownership of company's assets.

• Preparing the documentation for VAT and import and excise duty follow up the process.

• Archive all the relevant administrative and accountancy documentation in the proper way according to company's procedures.

• Receiving and making payments, recording, photocopying and filing of financial documents

• Prepare financial requests

• Undertaking data entry into the accounting software

• Preparing clients’ statements on a monthly basis

• Data entry for bank reconciliation statements in the accounting software

• Raising and issuing of cheques

• Ensuring information and knowledge management through filing and safe custody of documents.

• Any other duty assigned by the chief accountant or Finance manager.

Accounts Jobs in Kenya Key skills requirements: • Numeric calculations

• Being professional and thorough

• Taking initiative

• Communication

• Handling stress

• Being a team player

• Being discrete, trustworthy and reliable

• Prioritising

• Information technology proficient.

• Ability to multi-task.

Accounts Assistant Jobs in Kenya Qualifications:

• Degree in relevant field: accounting, finance, economics, administration.

• Minimum professional accounting qualification of CPA II or ACCA level II.

• Two years experience in a similar position.

• Be conversant with accounting systems such as quick books, sage and computer literates with certificates in relevant computer package.

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