Finance and Administration Manager Jobs in Kenya.

The Finance and Administration manager jobs in Kenya are responsible for setting up an efficient and effective set of administrative and financial procedures and overseeing the day to day operation of the finance and administration department.

Finance department

• Manage all aspects of the Finance function including General Ledger, Fixed Assets, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Petty Cash, Bank Reconciliations etc

• Prepare monthly financial statements, management accounts and cash flows

• Prepare annual budgets and quarterly forecasts

• Review and track performance by monitoring variance from plan, highlighting potential issues

• Prepare quarterly GST returns

• Prepare year end statutory accounts

• Maintain appropriate controls to ensure costs are within budgeted levels

• Implement internal controls to protect and safeguard company’s assets

•Liaise with external auditors, tax agents, bankers, insurers and statutory bodies

Human Resource duties for Finance and Administration Manager Jobs in Kenya.

• Responsible for hiring, orientation of new hires and conducting exit interviews.

• Administer HR policies.

• Manage payroll and staff benefits including leave management and insurance covers.

• Prepare annual IR8A forms for all employees.

• Responsible for collating annual staff reviews and evaluations.

• Maintain all HR files and information.

Administration duties for Finance and Administration Manager Jobs in Kenya.

• General day-to-day office administration. Ensure efficient provision of office services, upkeep of office and equipment and supply of office supplies

• Responsible for the purchasing of all office supplies, computers and equipment

Key Performance Indicators of Finance and Administration Manager Jobs in Kenya.

• Maintain financing costs at a target level of not more than 3% of sales.

• Accurate coffee stocks at all times.

• Ensure farmers’ payments are ready by the last day of the week of the auction and before the next the proceeding auction.

• Maintain Zero penalties on tax and financial/personnel licensing requirements.

• Analysis of financial reports ready by 4pm every Friday. Every 2nd Monday of every month, 2 weeks before every board meeting.

• Respond to external auditors’ management letter within a month.

• Manage the finance department within budget

• Maintained & clean office premises and grounds.• Proper maintenance and custody of accounting records

Qualifications for Finance and administration Manager.

• Minimum 7-10 years experience working with accounting and financial management systems.

• Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint,Word) programs required.

• Experience with major accounting software systems required.

• A Masters degree in any of the relevant fields.

• CPA or its equivalent is preferred.

• Demonstrated financial management, accounting, planning and communication skills.

• Experience working with senior levels of government, policy makers, executives, and senior managers to achieve established goals and lasting results.

Key skills and competences for Finance and Administration Manager Jobs in Kenya.

• Strong leadership & managerial skills;

• Strong sense of judgment;

• Reliability, integrity;

• High sense of initiative and creativity;

• Timeliness, good time management;

• Strong concern for social improvement;

• Ability to work under pressure;

• Communication skills;

• Initiative and self motivation; Planning, scheduling and organising skills.

• Proven ability to mentor, motivate, and work as part of a team.

• English proficiency required.

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