8 successful boss secrets.

Successful boss secrets? They are no longer secrets, we have revealed them. After being made bosses, many people are dismayed and disillusioned about the kind of reception they get from their “former buddies”.

But have you ever thought of why this happens? There are also secrets about being a boss that you will never be told but am revealing them now.

They are basic secrets we know about but we at times ignore them.

1). You are no longer a “buddy”. Suddenly you have been thrust to that position where you are demanding results from your friends, whom you know their weaknesses. You have to hold them accountable for their work. This is a key successful boss secret. Suddenly that nyama choma, beer drinking and watching live EPL on big screen, becomes impossibility.

Don’t think they are laughing at your great jokes cracking ability. They are actually laughing at you. They will put a tag under your neck. They will even nick name you. Move fast to earn their respect by the tips I have given you on (Add link- 8 secrets to being a good boss)

3). They are talking about you.

Do you know that employees spend up to 24hrs in a month, lamenting about their bosses? Put it as a 8 hours day. Those are 3 days!! They will spend endless times discussing your leadership and lamenting about you. Poor performers will complain the most. If this is the trend, be worried about your skills and behaviors.

4). They need to be consulted.

You were discussing an event before that promotion and you even had ideas of how to improve. That was then. Now that you are the boss, don’t even think about doing it. It will be resisted. People need to be consulted over a major issue and that way the resistance will be less.

5). Do squeeze others out.

They will despise you. Help others grow, that’s how you will earn their respect. Effective leaders relinquish the spotlight and put others there instead, It is a stressful transition, going from being judged on your own accomplishments to those of your team, and leaders have to help employees shine by putting their success ahead of his or her own.

6). They don’t share your goals and vision.

That’s how they see it. That you have weird goals and ambitions. They will even say you are over ambitious. You put profitability of the company as the priority and the employees, that’s their least worry. Try to connect to everyone’s priorities and goals and make individuals see their “little” contribution in the wider picture.

7). Employees will always say you are incompetent.

Don’t panic, you are not alone. 30% of the people I interviewed in work places in Nairobi, said they feel they are not qualified enough to being bosses. Being a boss means you will be judged for results of others. I know it can be scaring, but don’t worry, follow the guides I told you and you will be a success story.

8). Don’t loose a sleep over people who don’t like you.

Nelson Mandela is a celebrated world icon, but do you know not everybody likes Mandela?, now if you don’t have the mantra of Mandela, why would you be so worried about a few guys not liking you? If they feel they can’t work under you, I believe they are at liberty to leave!!!

These list of the successful boss secrets is not exhaustive. We would love to hear and share your experiences with others. Post your experience and comment below.

Thank you and good luck as you discover successful boss secrets as you take the role of the boss.

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