8 Tips to help you become a good boss.

So you have just landed your first management job, Congratulations. You want to be a good boss and not the kind wh are hated by all and sundry? Good ambition.

But before you get too excited, remember that newly-minted managers are much closer to being reviled than revered - and how to be a good boss is one of the most challenging aspects of any management position.

After landing that post of a boss you will realize that you are inheriting the bad feelings created by your predecessors and other less than competent bosses in the company.

Wait a minute, do you have to worry so much about that, the answer is NO. You have the chance to repair these attitudes and stereotypes and change the preconceived idea that all bosses are bad, but you need to know that you have to do this quickly while the position is still new.

If you do a quick survey of your friends or of people you know of, am sure you won’t be surprised to realize that bad bosses tend to be more common than good bosses. You can set yourself apart by utilizing these tips for being a good boss.

1). Be a good communicator.

There is an old adage that information is power. If you want to win over the trust of the people under you, keep them informed. Let the employees be uptodate with the happenings of the company. Let them not hear things from grapevine.

But you don’t have to disclose company secrets that the employees need not know. Infact most employees have a major complaint that they do not know what is expected of them. Let them know what the task is all about, why it’s important and what their role is in successfully completing the job.

2). Be a leader by example.

When you lead from the front, chances are everybody will follow you. If the office or company employees are supposed to work for 8 hours a day, do not do 3 hrs and disappear and expect the employees to do 8 hours. When a certain process is being undertaken in the factory, show by example. Do not fold your hands and be barking orders, the employees will distaste you.

3). Be organized and priorities your responsibilities.

When you are smartly organized, the employees will follow your lead. Employees often complain about disorganized bosses who don't know what is going on; this fosters an atmosphere of disorganization that prevents necessary tasks from getting done. Your ability to stay on task helps your employees stay on task.

4). Exercise authority.

It requires you to be friendly with your employees. Don’t go cursing everyone, but you don’t have to be necessarily their friend! You have to learn how to be a leader and these includes criticizing them and disciplining them. Be firm in your decisions but don’t be cowed that you will loose friends.

5). Be fair and just.

A survey was conducted in the US about a law that was deemed unfair but was applied to all citizens of a certain state. When people were asked about the application of the law, many said that the law was unfair but was just since it was applied across the board. Do not favor some people in your work place. Let all and sundry be equal and I bet you, people will see you as a just boss.

6). Have a vision.

Be optimistic and have the guts to encourage your employees and praise their success. At times employees are not sure of success of an event, as the boss its your duty to encourage them and show them the benefits of the task ahead. Don’t be the first to loose hope on a certain undertaking. Be the last beacon of hope.

7). Stay positive.

Have you heard of employees who complain that their bosses never see anything good they do but only criticize them? Develop the habit of praising your employees in public and rebuking them and criticizing them in private. Get the most and the best from your employees by staying positive.

8). Develop your employees.

Training and development keeps employees satisfied and employable. Always strive to provide training on an on-going basis. When you train employees and develop them, you ease their fears about the future and you make them more productive and also ensure they meet the needs of an ever changing business world.

When you follow these 8 simple steps, I assure you, that you will gain not only the respect and loyalty of your employees but also loyalty and respect of your own bosses because everybody will regard you as a good boss. If you want your own success as a boss, put these in action today.

Hey I would love to hear you experiences with the boss, let’s share and help each other. Put your comment here.

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