6 Reasons why Career Meditation is good for Development

Career Meditation is an effective tool for reducing stress, strengthening the mind, and improving overall physical health. Meditation creates better results in our lives.

Meditation works to improve our relationships with others. Basically meditation works to improve our lives.

Can meditation improve your effectiveness as a manager? Here are the 6 reasons I recommend you learn the art of meditation and you will see profound changes in your career and life.

1. Helps in the reduction of stress as it works to manage both the physical indicators and emotional strain of stress. Meditation works in its ability to train our minds to clear away distractions that interfere with thought clarity, meditation relaxes our mind and enhances its ability to recover. Continued meditation conditions our mind to better control emotional anxiety.

2. Works in alleviating the physical symptoms of stress. The physical symptoms of stress include a hastened heart beat, high blood pressure, shallow breathing and an unnaturally tense muscular system. Primarily meditation works on the physical symptoms of stress due to the breathing technique required for successful meditation.

The slow deep breaths directly work in controlling and slowing the heartbeat, in turn greatly improving oxygen saturation levels through the circularly system that feeds the muscles, reliving physical strain. The result of improved oxygen saturation produces long lasting results in our overall health. Our major organ, including our largest organ, the skin receives a boost, increasing recovery from damage and minimizing damaging risk factors.

3. Works in strengthening the mind by training, or reprogramming our way of thinking. Meditation requires positive, calm and relaxing thoughts to occupy all thinking. Meditation not only encourages self love, it requires it to be successful. Self love is high self esteem.

People with improved self esteem are emotionally stronger and better equipped to mentally accept criticism and other “tricky situations” that occur in the events of a day.

4. Reprograms our anger thoughts with repetitive calm gentle affirmations. These affirmations repeated daily become deeply imbedded as a part of our natural selves. The positive affirmations of meditation work on the principle that if you say something often enough you will believe it.

5. Works to create positive life experiences by the practicing of positive visualization. Positive thoughts create positive results. If someone sees nothing else but successful outcomes they will believe in themselves and become proactive in striving for their goals, and focusing on success.

6. Works to improve our relationships with others by significantly improving our relationship with ourselves. Meditation focuses very much on developing our self esteem, therefore the better we feel about ourselves the better we treat and respect the people around us.

People who meditate do not feed off others for positive energy, they create their own. As a result of this positive energy you create light within yourself. Others are attracted to you as they are any other light source.

Career meditation works because it's medicine for the mind, body and soul.

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