Interview Failure: 10 reasons why people fail in interviews.

Interview failure is not something new. Chances are, before you get that dream job, you will attended several interviews and failed. But have you ever reflected n tried to ask yourself why you failed in the interview?

Its better you do because there must be a reason why you have been overlooked and somebody else picked.

Here we have a few reasons that cause interview failure.

a) Lack of knowledge about the company.

We said you should gather as much information about the company as possible. The moment the interviewer asks you a question to do with the company and you seem oblivious, no matter how impressive your skills are, you have failed.

b) Approaching interview in a casual manner.

We said approach the interview dressed in a conservative way. Even though you love wearing jeans, on the interview day leave them at home. Be smart.

c) Lack of adequate preparation.

Remember we said before you inter that interview room you need to be well prepared to go through the entire process. It’s not just about your papers.

d) Failure to understand job description and duties.

This is a typical problem with a few of the candidates. They are completely unaware of what the job requires one to do. If a person does not understand his/ her role properly, he cannot justify his suitability for the job. If you are going through a consultant or got an interview call from the company directly, get the job description completely.

In the event of responding to walk-in ads in newspaper, if you are not sure about the job description, spend some time on the Internet to know about your role.

e) Lack of necessary skills.

Most of the candidates with employable qualifications lack the skills that are pertinent to a particular job. A good qualification alone is not sufficient, but host of other skills such as good communications, interpersonal skills, analytical abilities, personality etc. are also vital.

f) Lack of confidence.

People who lack confidence talk lowly about themselves and always use the negatives when describing or answering questions. Always keep your experiences positive and your attitudes positive and don’t talk negative of forma employer.

g) Enthusiasm about the job.

Interview failure can be caused by a candidate lacking enthusiasm. The connection between you and the employer plays a significant role in deciding if you will be employed. If you express and exhibit enthusiasm for your work, your career and the new company, you are much more likely to receive an offer. How you say something is just as important as what you say. You need to understand how your particular personality communicates during an interview. You only have one chance to make a first impression.

However, over-enthusiasm is an equal killer. This is especially hard on people who have been out of work for some time and are desperate to get a job — any job. The paradox is that the willingness to take any job is likely to mean ending up taking no job.

h) Making up stuff.

Don't even think of lying in an interview. It will bite you on the ankle at some point. Once you start it is impossible to stop and the lie will get more and more involved. If you are caught out, not only will you not get the job, but you may be dropped by your agency. Over embellishment is a more common failing. The line between it and lying is a fine one. For an experienced consultant it is usually quite easily spotted. Be proud of your achievements, talk them up, and don’t make them up.

i) Arrogance;

This is one reason of interview failure especially for those who already have jobs. Be firm but polite. Guard well while being firm not to become arrogant. Don’t just see the interview panel as a link between you and your job but rather, see them as your employers.

j) Don’t focus so much on your pay rather focus on your future responsibilities, duties and about the position.

Before even the interview results are out, It's imperative to observe signs that tell the interview went wrong and you will fail

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