10 signs interview went wrong

What are signs interview went wrong when most companies won’t give you feedback about how you did during your interview.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a generic rejection letter or email days, or even months, later. As a result, often you’re left wondering with little or no insight from the company.

So, it’s up to you as the interviewee to pay close attention to what you think went right and what went wrong–especially what signs interview went wrong. Lets look at some

1. You get asked the same question by the same person twice.

This happened to me early in my career and it let me know he either wasn’t paying attention to what I said or that I didn’t answer the question adequately the first time. If this happens to you, don’t take it personally.

Take a second to think about how you responded the first time and incorporate anything you might have left out. Also when the interviewer is not interested in your talking: laid back, doesn’t smile while talking to you, keeps looking at his watch when you are not looking, barely looks at you, looks bored and stares around, looks disappointed.

2. You refer to the wrong company.

This can happen to the best of us. If you’re lucky, you realize you made the mistake right away so you can apologize for the slip up before any more damage is done. Of course, this is harder to correct if you referred to the wrong company in an email or cover letter.

Some recruiters like to point that out during the interview to see how you’ll react. In that case, the best thing to do is stay calm.

3. The interview lasts less than scheduled time and the interviewer keeps staring at her watch.

This is likely a sign that you’re rambling. Make sure your answers are thorough but concise and that they take no more than one to two minutes.

4. You get so nervous, you break out in hives.

Women can usually cover this one up pretty easily by wearing a scarf that accessorizes with their suit. Men, on the other hand, aren’t so lucky. To this day, I’ve yet to see a man be able to pull off wearing a scarf with a suit during a job interview. Try and be calm

5. You blank on the first question.

And the first question is “how are you doing today?” No matter how much you prepare, you can always get stumped by a question. Don’t panic. Answer as best you can and move on. Don’t let one bad question ruin the entire interview.

6. The interviewer pauses a lot to “think” on the next questions, they ask general questions, asks silly questions to prove to himself that he is not wrong in his judgment asks irrelevant questions and sometimes doesn’t bother to take the next step in the interview, that's a bad signs interview went wrong.

7. The interviewer is paying more attention to his mobile phone or laptop than to you.

A lot of job seekers have been unnerved by this and, unfortunately, there’s not much you can do besides answering the question with the hopes that he is able to listen and type at the same time. At the same time the job interview is interrupted by phone calls that the interviewer keeps answering.

8. The interviewer reads your resume that moment.

Meaning they did not take time to read it because they had already filled the position.

9. The interviewer starts to justify why you cannot fit in the position.

This is a red flag that the interview is not progressing well. He may even start saying he has other able and qualified candidates.

10. the interviewer is generally harsh, rude and over criticizing your resume.

This may be signs interview went wrong but do not panic. The employer might be testing your tolerance levels and your reaction to criticism.

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