10 signs interview went well

Want to know the signs interview went well? consider these; you landed an interview, dressed to impress, had great conversation and you think you might actually have a shot at getting a job offer.

But is there any way to actually know if the interview was in your favor? (signs interview went well?) For one its difficult to read interviewers body language and you may have been too tense to follow the interviewers reactions.

Sometimes we are so focused on what they did wrong in an interview that they don't think about the many things they did right.

While no signs are 100 percent foolproof, there are definitely some indicators that you have won over your interviewer.

I would advise you guard against being too optimistic and or being too pessimistic, but here are some signs that your interview went well.

1) You are invited for another round. This is a sign that you did well in your first interview and that’s why you have been called for another interview. If the interviewer was not interested in you he would be evasive about the next interview.

2) If you had not indicated your references in your resume, the interviewer asks for them. If he was not interested at all about you, he wont even try to contact your referee as this would be waste of time.

3) You are introduced to team members. It's a good sign when the hiring manager chooses to introduce you to the team on the spot, or mentions that there are some people she would like you to meet.

If she wasn't interested, again, she wouldn't take the time in making acquaintances. Remember that the hiring manager may request feedback from the team on their first impressions of you, so be nice to anyone you meet.

4) When a company is interested in you, you'll be asked things like the amount of time needed for a transition. The interviewer asks about your availability – when could you start? He might want to know what steps you will take to leave current employer and join him, this might be good signs interview went well

5) When the interviewer spends a lot of time answering your questions, it's a signal that the he wants to sell you on the business, the team and position rather than you continuing to pursue the role.

He or she tells you many details about the job duties, responsibilities, company culture, workplace environment

6) The interviewer smiles when shaking your hand and gives you his business card telling you to call his cell phone concerning any question. This is a sign he wants you to be part of the team and wants to create a rapport.

7) The job interview lasts more than the scheduled time. If interviewing panel is uninterested, they typically look for ways to wrap up the interview.

At times, interviews will go well beyond the allotted time as the interview team wants to know more about you, or share with you more about the organization and role, If they are not interested in your candidacy, they won't drag out the interview, so is that not one of good signs interview went well?

8) The interviewer acts interested (sits up straight), polite, listens carefully, asks good questions and the discussion goes smoothly. Non-verbal signals are often a good predictor of interview performance.

Pay close attention to the interviewer(s) and observe such non-verbal cues. At the same time, if an interviewer is taking few notes, looking at their watch repeatedly or not asking detailed questions, the interview may not be going well.

9) The more the interview team talks about how you'll fit into the mold at a company, the better. Most leaders are looking for candidates that can easily fit into a team environment or operate well as an individual contributor.

10) The interview team is keen on your answer, does not answer phone call or be busy with the laptop.

Again, none of these are surefire signs interview went well and that you've gotten the job. Plus, even though you did everything right, there is always the chance that someone else did, too.

But if you continually see a couple of the above signals you'll know you've at least got a shot.

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