11 tips for Interview Preparation:

Interview preparation is crucial after sending endless jobs applications.

I say, ‘congratulations’. Wait a minute, this is just interview not job, so don’t start planning the salary just yet. You need to pass the interview be offered the job and know how to accept the job offer, negotiate salary and then sign that contract.

Do you know what most employers think? Most of the interviewees are ill prepared. Most interviewers think many candidates do not do any sort of interview preparation, they just attend the interview as if its an obligation. Don’t be among the many.

Be prepared and you will:

• Feel more relaxed

• Understand more about the job

• Know the sort of questions they'll be asked

• Have good answers prepared for those questions

• Sell themselves better

• Leave the interview feeling like they did their best

Interview preparation ensures that you walk out of the interview room smiling , confident because the signs say you passed the interview and u can say ‘ I think I got that job’ but remember, competition is so high in the Kenyan jobs market that you can be sure there are other dozen qualified candidates going after that job.

So the purpose of this discussion is to make you stand out as someone special during that interview face, and wade off competition from other candidates, during that face to face first meeting.

Let’s look at some points you need to consider for that interview preparation.

a) Research the company well.

Research well about the company and be with the relevant information. Some basic information about the company that’s in public domain you should have it. You will look credible and will help you in framing the questions to ask him. Also get to know what the job entails on a day to day basis.

Get much of the information from the company’s website, from advertisements, from their sales brochures and magazines. Also research before hand the venue of the interview so that you arrive early enough.

b) Dressing for an interview.

What you wear and look makes an impression of you even before you speak, the moment you walk in the door towards interview panel. You ensure your clothing is neat, pressed and professionally looking.

Be conservative in your make-ups and jewellary. Though you might not know the company culture like people dressing in jeans, its better you be dressed ina conservative manner.

c) Rehearse before hand.

Some interview questions are the same across all sectors and you need to prepare yourself well to be able to answer them well. Questions like....’Tell us about yourself....’ why should we hire you, prepare well to answer them and here at mykenyan-jobs.com we we’ll give you the best answers to such questions.

d) Be punctual on your interview date.

If you were called and told the interviews shall commence at 10.00am, make sure you are there by 9.30 am. Visit the restroom, make sure your appearance is great and also notify the receptionist about your arrival.

e) Referees.

You have put several referees to your CV, but how many can attest on your behalf? Make sure you notify them before you put them in your CV. Get people who can speak positively and highly on your professional background.

f) Documentation.

In most instances, the interviewer has not seen your original certificates and testimonials and would be willing to see them. Carry them with you. Remember, be organized in such a way that if the panel asks for a particular document, you will with a lot of ease reach for it and handover. Remember to make a fresh copy of all your documents and CV just in case you are asked to leave it.

g) Put your phone off.

You need to know the interview session is a very important tasking in your future career and in most instances it will not last for long. Switch off the phone and let those calls coming go to your voicemail where you can retrieve them later.

h) Be ready and able to market yourself.

If you do your interview preparation well, you should be able to convince the interview panel why they should hire you within the first 60 seconds. This is called developing an elevator speech. This should include your strengths, your achievements and what makes you unique from others.

i) Update your CV.

If you have stayed for wrong without updating your resume, make sure it’s up-to-date. Let the format flow, click here to see tips on writing good CV.

j) Ask questions.

When the panel is through with you, they will most probably ask you to ask them questions. Having done research earlier about the company you should have well researched questions, usually 2 or 3. The interviewer is usually impressed by people who show knowledge about the organization.

k) Always get business card from the interview panel or some members of the panel for future communication. This will also help in follow up and sending the acceptance and thank you letters.

This interview might be over and you don’t get the job, don’t worry because interviews are learning experiences and next time you will be able to do much better.

The tips above on interview preparation will help to boost your confidence and improve your chances and next time you will be lucky.

Good luck

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