8 tips to help avoid resume drop.

How do you avoid resume drop after first interview?

We have looked at things that can make your resume be dropped after the interview, now lets look at what you ought to do to avoid your resume being dropped after the first interview.

So what’s the solution for avoiding potential resume drop?

1) Read articles about what a great resume is. (Look for samples.)

2) Prepare that resume as if your career depends on it. Oh yeah…it does.

3) Refocus &/or match your resume as best as possible to the job requirements (from the ad or any research you’ve done).

4) Handle any red flags well.

5) Show action, initiative and results – and not just tasks you performed. Talk about responsibilities not job descriptions.

6) Stay away from all but the most essential personal information. Don’t tell unnecessary personal information.

7) Get professional resume help if you can afford it. Money spent now can mean you get the job you really want.

8) If you prepare your own resume, ask a few people to review it before sending it out. (Best to ask at least one person in the industry if possible.)

Why Good Resumes Can Get You to the Wrong Job InterviewsLet’s say you have a fabulous resume and let’s say you have a great personality and give good interview yet you still never get a job offer.

You might want to start thinking about whether or not you’re aiming for a job you actually want. Could you be focusing your resume toward jobs you think are easier to get or only because they have a better salary? Is your heart really in it? Believe it or not, that shows in your interviews. (As well as in the rest of your life.)

Yes…I know there comes a time when you just need a job and if it’s one that doesn’t make your heart dance, the paycheck will. Been there done that. If so…go back to making sure your resume is the best it can be.

Avoid these seemingly simple points, I call them landmines, and you will get the job you truly want.

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