What to Avoid in CV

You have now put what you should be in a good professional cv. Let’s look now at what to avoid in CV:

a) Do not tell lies in your CV. Most people have been in business or in a particular company for long periods of time and it would be fool hardy for you to try to fool them. This one thing that many people do but its one among the things on what to avoid in CV

They will detect lies after reading the first 3 paragraphs and I can assure you the moment he detects your lies, the CV will be headed straight to the shredder and your dreams will end there.

b) You have attended 100 one day interviews with your previous employer. But are those seminars relevant to the job you are applying? I bet they are not, so don’t include them trying to impress the employer.

c) You might have a very pretty face and your looks might make all people turn, but does your employer want to see you? I bet he will during the interview, so don’t include a photo unless the job advert expressly asked you to include one.

d) You might be artistic and creative but your CV is not the place to try out your talent.. Keep the CV simple leaving out those elaborate colours and fonts. Always make sure you CV stays at font size 11 or 12.

e) Do not divulge sensitive information in your cv.Leave out your national ID number, drivers license number, passport number e.t.c after you have sent your cv to the potential employer, you have no control over who accesses it and some sensitive personal information might get lost and into wrong hands to your detriment.

f) If you are applying for 10 different jobs, you don’t have to write 10 cvs. Always make your CV in such a way that it can be used to apply for several different jobs without much changes.

The cover letter that you attach to the CV should be the one doing the answering of immediate questions to the employer on your suitability for the position advertised.

g) Don’t repeat the words that have been written over and over till every employer knows them. Word like, ‘am detail oriented, highly motivated, works under pressure….’we have heard that before.

Be creative and try to capture the employers’ attention. Be factual in your carefully worded phrases. As a rule always avoid using the first person in your sentences. Avoid starting every sentence by …’I did this, I that, I these……’

h) Avoid sending more than one application to the same employer for the same position. Job application is not lottery where the more entries you make the more chances of winning. In fact some employers might discard you CV whenever they detect there are more than 1 copy, this is what to avoid in CV.

i) Always come out clearly when you explain your skills and achievements don’t make ambiguous statements and expect the employer to read between the lines.

j) You are a professional in your field but avoid those technical jargons that many ordinarily mortals might not understand. Unless it’s very necessary, use simple language.

k) Don’t tell us on your CV why you left your previous employer. This is one thing to avoid in cv.

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