University Of Nairobi College, Faculty and Departments

Due to the high population of the students and the large number of courses on offer, the University of Nairobi has been subdivided into the following colleges, which in turn are divided into schools and faculties which are further subdivided into departments.

1.) University of Nairobi College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences.

This college is located at Kabete area of Nairobi approximately 8 km from the main campus.

The college has the following faculties:

• Center for Sustainable Dryland Ecosystems and Societies

• Faculty of Agriculture

• The Wangari Maathai Institute for Peace and Environmental Studies

• Veterinary Medicine

The faculties are subdivided into the following departments:

• Agricultural Economics

• Food Science, Nutrition and Technology

• Land Resource Management & Agricultural Technology

• Plant Science and Crop Protection

• Animal Production

• Clinical Studies

• Public Health Pharmacology & Tox.

• Vet Farm

• Vet. Anatomy And Physiology

• Veterinary Pathology, Microbiology & Parasitology

2.) University Of Nairobi college of Biological and Physical Sciences.

The college is situated at chiromo 1.5 kms from the main campus. It has the following faculties:

• Centre For Biotechnology & Bioinformatics

• Physical Sciences

• School of Biological Sciences

• School of Computing and Informatics

• School of Mathematics

And has the following departments:

• Chemistry Department

• Geology Department

• Meteorology

• Physics

3.) College of Architecture and Engineering.

The college is situated within the main campus coplex and has the following faculties:

• Arts and Design

• Engineering

• Nuclear Science & Technology

• The Built Environment.

The faculties have further been divided into the following departments:

• Civil and Construction Engineering

• Electrical and Information Engineering

• Envrironmental and Biosystems Engineering

• Geospatial and Space Technology

• Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

• Architecture and Building Science

• Real Estate and Construction Management

• Urban And Regional Planning

4.) University of Nairobi college of Education And External Studies.

This college is located at Kikuyu town, some 20 Kms from the main campus and has the following faculties:

• Center of Open and Distance Learning

• Kenya Science Campus

• School of Continuing and Distance Education

The college has the following departments:

• Educational Studies

• Physical Education and Sports

• Education Administration And Planning

• Education Communication and Technology

• Educational Foundations

• Distance Studies

• Education Studies

• Extra Mural Studies

5.) Health Sciences.

This college is located at Kenyatta National Hospital, the largest referral hospital in Eastern Africa, some 4kms from the main campus of the university.

It has the following faculties:

• Centre for Hiv Prevention And Research

• Dental Sciences

• Institute of Tropical & Infectious Diseases

• Medicine

• Nursing

• Pharmacy

• Public Health

The college has the following departments which fall under the faculties:

• Conservative and Prosthetic Dentistry

• Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Medicine/Pathology, Oral/Maxillofacial Radiology

• Paediatric/Dentistry and Orthodontics

• Periodontology/Community and Preventive Dentistry

• Clinical Medicine and Therapeutics

• Biochemistry

• Diagnostic Imaging & Radiation Medicine

• Human Anatomy

• Human Pathology

• Medical Microbiology

• Medical Physiology

• Obstetrics & Gynaecology

• Opthalmology

• Orthopaedic Surgery

• Paedriatics

• Psychiatry

• Surgery

• Pharmaceutical Chemistry

• Pharmaceutics and Pharmacy Practice

• Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy

6.) Humanities and Social Sciences.

This college is located at the main campus complex and is the largest of all the colleges in terms of courses offered, departments, students and personnel. It has the following faculties:

• Diplomacy and International Studies

• African-studies

• Arts

• Business

• Economics

• Institute For Development Studies

• Journalism

• Law

• Population Studies And Research Institute

The faculties have been divided into the following departments:

• Commercial Law

• Private Law

• Public Law

• Business Administration

• Finance & Accounting

• Management Science

• arabic

• Confucius

• French

• Geography

• History

• Kiswahili

• Language Communication

• Linguistics

• Literature

• philosophy

• politicalscience

• psychology

• sociology

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