18 Key success factors you must have.

At times we have sat behind that desk and wondered what success factors do i need in order to prosper. At times fear becomes overwhelming and I feel bored and completely out of psych with my work.

I see a dead end with no new possibilities either at my place of work or beyond.

Many people with same problem have come to ask me what they gonna do. It’s a hard question. For one I cannot tell somebody “go resign that damn job and hit the road” that’s what is called treating the symptoms and not the illness beneath the symptoms.

When you feel beaten and like the world is coming to end, what with all waiting bills, a boring job, a never satisfied boss and career stagnation?, don’t rush to resign. Sit back, pose and evaluate yourself. Examine what success factors you need to incorporate in your life.

What have you done or failed to do that made you feel trapped in the hole you are in now?

Here I have looked at some of the success factors that can help you realize your dreams, rejuvenate your career and vroom!!!! Keep you going.

1. Let go of self-doubt. At times we doubt our abilities to accomplish something. Let that doubt go and you will realize your full potential.

2. Be alert. Don’t be getting news and information from friends. Be alert to new possibilities, stay on top of news.

3. Another success factor is to be daring. Don’t be afraid to take on new things. When you don’t dare try, you wont get hurt or disappointed, but the ugly side is you will be stuck where you are forever.

4. See yourself succeeding. There are people who were called failures once or did something once and they failed and they just see themselves as failures. Can you develop the attitude that you can succeed. See good results instead of failures.

5. Be open to possibilities – even from least-likely sources. Don’t be limited to your “class” for opportunities. I worked in southern Sudan during the civil war. Do you know how I ended up there? I met a former school mate at high school who never even went to university; he was infact a truck driver. He asked me, do you want to work for an NGO in southern Sudan? I said yes. He said go to westlands, these and these office and see these guy and give him your papers. Before I knew it, I was in a flight to southern Sudan!

6. Build networks – and not just with those in higher positions. Be a social person. Human beings are social animals, why do you want to live in isolation. Network with all people in all levels.

7. Be visible. A success factor you can't ignore. Don’t follow the crowd. Be standing out in whatever you do and be seen from a far. If you stand out I can tell you, you will go far.

8. Step up when opportunity presents – or look to create it yourself. When a vacancy arises in your department, higher up, don’t say you cant do it. Step forward and be counted. When an opportunity presents itself somewhere, take it.

9. Find a niche. You can be a jack of all trade and a master of none. You cant do everything. Try found out what you good at.

10. Learn new skills. You were employed 10 years ago, and you have never bothered to learn something new. Open up to new skills and be at par with technology.

11. Attitude, attitude, attitude. Change it. The way you view and evaluate things needs to change. If that negative attitude towards your career, colleagues, boss, or others is inhibiting you, try changing it. Let a genuine friend assess your attitude. Always remember this success factor and put emphasize on it.

12. Do the best job you can. When you do something, do it as if there is nothing else. Give the best that you can. Don’t do things half heartedly.

13. Present solutions and/or improvements – not just problems. There are those who just complain, complain, and complain. Stop it for a day and offer a solution to what you complaining about! Make a suggestion.

14. Stay positive and optimistic – but also stay real. You can be positive and optimistic that in 2years you will own the company, but is it realistic? Be realistic in your dreams and goals.

15. Be there for others. Do not be egocentric. Always thinking about yourself. Why not me, why me, me, I, me….consider others too.

16. Don’t let obstacles – or misses – stop you. Know they’re temporary and try again. A setback should not prevent you from achieving your goals. Always look beyond these temporary setbacks.

17. Be a go-to person. Can people trust you for honest opinion and guidance? Cultivate that success factor of a trustworthy person. A sure confidant

18. Focus on what’s possible rather than getting stuck in what’s wrong. Move on and get out of that ditch. It’s good to know why you are in the ditch but don’t spend all your time on the same. Move on.

These are things I myself have done and continue to do (as best I can) to make a difference in my career and life. I’m not saying they’re magic potions (well, maybe one or two) that will transform your career in the blink of an eye, but…if applied properly…you will see some amazing changes take place.

Each one on its own can make a difference – but the more you add to the mix, the more opportunities magically appear.

I and others would love to learn about your success factors and contributions on the same.

Please feel free to comment and share with others, your experiences.

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