Reproductive Health Officer job in Kenya

Reproductive health officer job involves promotion of sexual and reproductive health in Kenya.

S/he will provide programmatic and technical support for planning and implementation of ongoing and new research and program activities, including family planning, maternal and Newborn health, prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, and integration of Reproductive health with other sectors and health services.

Key Responsibilities of a reproductive health officer:

• Foster strong working relationships with the Ministries of Health, other collaborating partners and donors to advance ongoing and new reproductive health initiatives.

• Assist with development of concepts and proposals to mobilize resources, particularly field support funding, to address reproductive health needs and priorities in Kenya.

• Participate in the development and review of reproductive health guidelines and training materials, particularly for family planning.

• Contribute to development of reproductive health technical and programmatic capacity both within the NGO and with key strategic partners and collaborating institutions.

• Assist with monitoring, reporting and documentation of NGO's reproductive health achievements in collaboration with project managers, partners and sponsors.

Minimum Requirements of Reproductive health officer job in Kenya:

• Medical Doctor with specialist qualifications in obstetrics/gynecology or public health and 3-5 years relevant experience; MS in Nursing or equivalent degree with 5-7 years relevant experience; or BS/Diploma in Nursing with 7-9 years of relevant experience.

• Strong working knowledge of the Ministries of Health and public health system in Kenya.

• Demonstrated experience in establishing and maintaining strong collaborative relationships with a wide variety of professionals and organizations, including facilitating multi-sectorial alliances for RH at both local and national levels.

• Excellent written and oral communications skills with outstanding interpersonal skills, including proven ability to work collaboratively and diplomatically on a team.

Salary scale of a reproductive health officer in Kenya

Most of the International NGO's that deal with reproductive health offer attractive pay package. The pay level depends on the level of technical skill and experience.

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