Public Colleges In Kenya.

Below is a list of public colleges in Kenya. This colleges are run by the government where the tutors, learning materials and some other costs are met by the government. This institutions offer different course and located throughout the country. Click on any college link to learn more about the college.

1) Asumbi Teachers’ Training College

2) Baringo Teachers’ Training College

3) Bomet Teachers Training College

4) Bondo Teachers’ Training College

5) Bukura Agricultural College

6) Bumbe Technical Training Institute

7) Co-operative College of Kenya

8) Coast Institute of Technology

9) Dairy Trainging Institute

10) East African School of Aviation

11) Egoji Teachers’ Training College

12) Eldoret Medical Training College

13) Eldoret Polytechnic

14) Embu Medical Training College

15) EMBU Technical Training Institute

16) Eregi Teachers’ Training College

17) Friends College Kaimosi

18) Garissa Medical Training Centre

19) Garissa Teachers’ Training College

20) Gusii Institute of Technology

21) Homa Bay Medical Training Centre

22) Kabarnet Medical Training Centre

23) Kabete Technical Training Institute

24) Kagumo Teachers College

25) Kaiboi Technical Training I

26) Kaimosi Teachers’ Training College

27) Kakamega Medical Training Centre

28) Kamwenja Teachers’ Training College

29) Kenya Textile Training Institute

30) Kenya Forestry College

31) Kenya Industrial Research & Development Institute

32) Kenya Industrial Training Institute

33) Kenya Institute of Business Training

34) Kenya Institute of Highways & Building Technology

35) Kenya Institute of Mass Communication

36) Kenya Institute of Special Education

37) Kenya Institute of Surveying & Mapping

38) Kenya Medical Training Centre

39) Kenya Medical Training College - Nakuru

40) Kenya School of Law

41) Kenya Science Teachers College (KSTC)

42) Kenya Technical Teachers College

43) Kenya Utalii College

44) Kenya Water Institute (KEWI)

45) Kericho Teachers Training College

46) Kiambu Institute of Technology

47) Kigari Teachers’Training College

48) Kilifi Institute of Agriculture

49) Kilimambogo Teachers’ Training College

50) Kimathii University College of Technology

51) Kisii Medical Training Centre

52) Kisumu Industrial Training C

53) Kisumu Polytechnic

54) Kitale Technical Training I

55) Machakos Medical Training Centre

56) Machakos Teachers’ Training College

57) Machakos Technical Training Institute

58) Masai Technical Training Institute

59) Mawego Technical Training Institute

60) Meru Medical Training Centre

61) Meru Teachers’ Training College

62) Meru Technical Training Institute

63) Michuki Technical Training Institute

64) Migori Teachers’ Training College

65) Ministry of livestock and fihseries College - Ahiti Ndomba

66) Ministry of livestock and fihseries College - Ahiti Nyahururu

67) Ministry of livestock and fihseries College - Ahiti, Kabete

68) Moi Institute of Technology

69) Moi-Baringo Teachers’ College

70) Mombasa Industrial Training College

71) Mombasa Medical Training Centre

72) Mombasa Technical Training Institute

73) Mosoriot Teachers’ Training College

74) Murang’a College of Technology

75) Murang’a Medical Training Centre

76) Murang’a Teachers’ Training College

77) N.E.P Technical Training Institute

78) Nairobi Technical Training Institute

79) Nakuru Medical Training Centre

80) Narok Teachers’ Training College

81) National ational Industrial Vocational ocational Training Centre

82) National Youth Service/ Institute of Business Studies

83) Nkabune Technical Training Institute

84) Nyandarua Institute ofScience & Technology

85) Nyeri Medical Training Centre

86) Nyeri Technical Training Institute

87) Ol’lessos Technical Training Institute

88) P.C Kinyaninyanjui Technical Training I

89) Pumwani Maternity Hospital

90) Railway Training Institute

91) Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology

92) Rift Valley Institute of Science & Technology

93) Rift Valley Technical Training Institute, Eldoret

94) Rwika Institute of Technology

95) Sang’alo Institute of Science & Technology

96) Shanzu Teachers’ Training College

97) Siaya Institute of Technology

98) Sigalagala Technical Training Institute

99) Tambach Teachers’ Training College

100) The Kenya Power & Lighting Co. Training School

101) Thika Medical Training Centre

102) Thika Technical Training Institute

103) Thogoto Teachers’ Training College

104) Trans Nzoia Teachers Training College

NOTE: If you feel any Public Colleges In Kenya have been left out, please use the form below to add them in this list.

Also see the section of courses in Kenya to learn more on what programmes Public Colleges In Kenya are offering.

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