Pan Africa Christian University

Pan Africa Christian University courses: Certificate * Pre University Programme

* Youth Descipleship programme

Pan Africa Christian University courses: Diploma Programmes

* Transformational Church Leadership Diploma and Certificate * Diploma in Supplies Management

* Diploma in Youth Ministry

* Diploma in Counselling

* Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Pan Africa Christian University courses: Undergraduate Degree Programmes

* Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology * Bachelor of Arts in Counselling

* Bachelor of Business Leadership

Postgraduate Programmes

* Master of Arts in Leadership * Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership

Pan Africa Christian University courses Coming soon

* Bachelor of Arts in Community Development

* Bachelor of Arts in Communication

* Bachelor of Commerce
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This institution is a great Unique institution. We have varied experiences about it, let's share them here

This college is a modern Institution that has played a vital role in the Kenyan higher education system. This unique institution has transformed individuals and is a great source of intellectuals in Kenya. Let's share our experiences about it.

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