Nutritional Health Officer Jobs in Kenya

Nutritional health officer jobs in Kenya are mostly in the non governmental institutions that deal with community health.

The public health system in Kenya also does employ nutritional health officers but mostly through the ministry of health.

The non-governmental organizations that deal with nutritional health in Kenya mainly work in the arid and semi-arid parts of the country where public health officers are not deployed.

Key responsibilities of Nutritional Health Officer jobs in Kenya include:

• Support provision of a comprehensive nutrition services.

• Support systematic delivery of health and nutrition educationmessages to the community.

• Train Community Health Workers on Infant and Young childFeeding Promotion of appropriate infant and young child feedingpractices in the community.

• Support delivery of a comprehensive package of nutrition services.

• Conduct on Job training of health workers encompassing essential nutrition services, monitoring and reporting tools;

• Promotion of appropriate infant and young child feeding practices in the community.

• Integration of infant and young child feeding practices tomanagement of acute malnutrition.

• Link with and support health facilities to conduct outreach services offering comprehensive package with Ministry of health(MoH) and or other partners.

• Identification and motivation community health workers in linewith MoH community strategy.

• Support MoH in ensure proper management of beneficiariesthrough; administration of systematic medication and supervisionof distribution activities (registration, ration mixing anddistribution).

• Support MoH in monitoring nutritional status of beneficiaries and the community as per set indicators and protocols.

• Ensure nutrition supplies requests are channeled to the ministry of health DNO for timely preparation of distribution plans and dispatch of nutrition commodities.

• Support timely delivery of reports to the district health records office.

• Organize and participate in project monitoring , review andevaluation activities.

• Preparation of progress reports, stocks and program reportsaccording to UNICEF, WFP and WV requirements.

• Support in other project activities as guided by the project manager

Nutritional Health Officer jobs in Kenya requirements include:

• Bachelors Degree in nutrition/nursing or Higher Diploma in Public Health with specialization in community nutrition

• At least 2 years working experience of management of malnutrition in emergency contexts.

• Knowledge and experience of IYCF is desirable

• Must be registered with the Kenya Nutrition and Dietetics Institute (KNDI)

• Good knowledge of underlying causes of malnutrition in both emergency and development contexts.

• A degree in nutrition, possess and demonstrate basic IT skills, and excellent report writing skills

• The ability to work within a team, on ones own initiative with minimum supervision, and excellent communication skills will also be essential.

As I had earlier indicated, these NGO jobs in Kenya fall outside the regulation of the government but they work closely and in partnership with the government through ministry of health.

Most of health NGO jobs in Kenya have an attractive pay package. Most of the NGOs in Kenya, especially international NGOs in Kenya do offer traveling and night out packages.

Most of the NGOs working with or along the Kenya-Somalia border do require armed police escort due to the insecurity in the area as a result of the civil war in Somalia.

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