Nurses Jobs in Kenya

Nurses jobs in Kenya are available both in public and private hospitals. Nurses in Kenya trained in various institutions that are approved by the government through the ministry of health of Kenya.

Please ensure the college you want to attend is registered before starting training.

Excellent career opportunities for Nurses who possess a superior blend of bedside nursing expertise, a passion for excellence and strong customer are available in Kenya.

Reporting to the Ward in Charges, the successful candidates in are expected to provide and maintain high professional standards of nursing care utilising the set standards, clinical protocols and policies to meet the patients’ needs.

Particular Responsibilities for nurses jobs in Kenya Include:

• Utilising the standard procedures of nursing care to continuously improve the quality of nursing care.

• Exercising professionalism at all times while treating patients with dignity, privacy and respect.

• Maintaining good interpersonal relationships amongst the nursing team, patients and other disciplines.

• Safeguarding all confidential information concerning patients and their treatment.

• Communicating effectively with patients, relatives and other professionals to advocate for patients.

• Utilizing infection control measures to provide a safe and suitable environment for patients/ staff and others.

• Upholding professional code of conduct and statutory regulations.

• Safeguarding hospital equipment and patient’s property from damage, wastage or loss.

• Maintaining and regularly updating professional knowledge and competence through education, self motivated learning and participating in research in the ward.

• Providing accurate documentation, proper record keeping and storage for continuity.

• Utilizing the available resources effectively for quality service delivery and cost containment.

Qualifications and Experience for nursing jobs in Kenya:

• Diploma (KRN/KRM/KRCHN) from an accredited School of Nursing.

• Bachelor of Science in Nursing is an added advantage.

• Minimum two years experience in a busy hospital.

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