8 new job risks to worry about

When I raised these issues about new job risks in another forum somebody said that when you are looking for your first job or you are unemployed, you don’t have the luxury to look at the red flags, you accept the job hands down.

Well in these tight and hard economic times, I also tend to concur with them but then, how far down will you scoop to get that job and will it for a basis for future career growth and development or will it be after a while you say you in wrong job?

If you can identify some weaknesses in the manner the interview is conducted, its advisable to re-examine them before proceeding to accept the job offer.

So before you decide on whether to accept an offer, think back to the interview(s) with your future boss and try to remember how much of the conversation was about things like:

(a). “We just can’t find the right person although I’ve tried a lot of people in this job.”

(b). Stories putting down or making fun of former or current employees. (Beware especially if you start thinking “But it will be different with me” at this point.)

(c). Complaints about employees that show it’s the boss who can’t communicate:

o They don’t understand what I tell them.

o They ask too many stupid questions.

o I’m the only one who knows how to do anything right!

(d). Lots of turnover. (“People just aren’t willing to work hard any more, you know?”)

(e). “We can’t get ahead of the heavy workloads and long hours.” (Rather than a challenge to you, this could be a huge red flag signaling management problems.)

(f). Did your potential boss really listen to what you said in the interview?

(g). Did your potential boss do almost all the talking? (This can go either way, but I once had a horrible boss who barely asked me any questions – he just talked at me!)

(h). Do you get a feeling you can’t even put a name to that something feels wrong?If you’re thinking you’ll be the one to finally get it right or save the day (again compare to dating), well sure…that could happen. So could win the lottery.

But odds are that even if you do get “it” right, this type of boss will simply find other “its” to make you the fall guy for his own insecurities and lack of good management skills, a dangerous new job risks you should be aware of.

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