Kenyatta University Fees Structures

This Kenyatta University Fees structure is just a guide and can change any time without reference to candidates.

It's therefore advisable for students to make contacts with the university before making any payments to the university's bank accounts.

Kenyatta University Fees Structure Per Programme Course Codes - Amount in Kenya Shillings (KSH).

(1.) School Of Agriculture And Enterprise Development.

A167 Certificate In Crop Improvement And Protection 56,500.00

A263 Diploma In Crop Improvement And Protection 93,200.00

A91 Bachelor Of Science (Crop Protection & Improvement) 141,200.00

A93 Bachelor Of Science (Agriculture And Enterprise Development) 161,200.00

A103 Master Of Science Agriculture & Enterprise Development 162,700.00

A99 Phd In Agriculture And Enterprise Development 232,300.00

(2.) School Of Engineering And Technology

J261 Diploma In Information Technology 93,200.00

J264 Diploma In Computer Science 93,200.00

J265 Diploma In Computer Engineering 93,200.00

J17 Bachelor Of Science (Computer Science) 151,200.00

J22 Bachelor Of Science (Energy Engineering) 161,200.00

J26 Bachelor Of Science (Computer Engineering) 161,200.00

J27 Bachelor Of Science (Software Engineering) 161,200.00

J31 Bachelor Of Information Technology 151,200.00

J74 Bachelor Of Science (Water Engineering) 161,200.00

J75 Bachelor Of Science (Manufacturing Engineering) 161,200.00

J104 Master Of Science Engineering 152,700.00

J98 Phd In Engineering And Technology 232,300.00 (3.) Kenyatta University fees at School Of Visual And Performing Arts

M05 Certificate In Music 56,500.00

M240 Diploma In Fine Art 93,200.00

M15 Diploma In Music 93,200.00

M25 Bachelor In Music 121,200.00

M06 Bachelor Of Arts (Fine Art) 121,200.00

M07 Bachelor Of Arts (Music) 121,200.00

M46 Postgraduate Diploma In Music 142,700.00

M66 Master Of Music 142,700.00

* This Figures Are Subject To Change

M88 Phd In Music 232,300.00

(4.) Kenyatta University Fees at School Of Economics.

K14 Bachelor Of Economics 131,200.00

K16 Bachelor Of Economics And Finance 131,200.00

K24 Bachelor Of Economics And Statistics 131,200.00

K102 Master Of Economics 142,700.00

K96 Phd In Economics 232,300.00

(5.) Kenyatta University Fees at School Of Humanities And Social Sciences.

C168 Certificate In Japanese 56,500.00

C169 Certificate In German 56,500.00

C170 Certificate In French 56,500.00

C231 Diploma In Disaster Management 93,200.00

C233 Diploma In Management 93,200.00

C238 Diploma In Crime Prevention And Management 93,200.00

C241 Diploma In Gerentology 93,200.00

C01 Bachelor Of Arts 121,200.00C02 Bachelor Of Arts (Human Resource Management) 121,200.00

C05 Bachelor Of Tourism (Lol)

C77 Bachelor Of Arts (Counselling And Psychology) 121,200.00

C50 Masters Of Arts 142,700.00

C61 Masters In Foreign Trade 142,700.00

C59 Postgraduate Diploma In Human Resource Management 142,700.00

C64 Postgraduate Diploma In Management 142,000.00

C67 Postgraduate Diploma In Rural Development 142,700.00

C68 Postgraduate Diploma In Operations Management 142,700.00

C69 Bachelor Of Arts (Gender And Development) 121,200.00

C82 Phd In Humanities 232,300.00

(6.) Kenyatta University fees at School Of Pure And Applied Sciences

120 Bachelor Of Science (Bsc) 131,200.00

121 Bachelor Of Science (Telecommunication & Information Tech) 151,200.00

128 Bachelor Of Science (Biotechnology) 141,200.00

170 Bachelor Of Science (Medical Laboratory Science) 161,200.00

171 Bachelor Of Science(Industrial Chem) 141,200.00

172 Bachelor Of Science (Biochemistry) 141,200.00

173 Bachelor Of Science (Analytical Chem) 141,200.00

179 Bachelor Of Science (Counselling Psy) 131,200.00

181 Bachelor Of Science (Microbiology) 141,200.00

190 Bachelor Of Science (Biology) 141,200.00

156 Master Of Science 152,700.00

184 Phd In Science 232,300.00

(7.) Kenyatta University Fees at School Of Law

L95 Bachelor Of Laws 171,200.00

L100 Master Of Law

L101 Phd In Law 232,300.00

(8.) Kenyatta University Fees at School Of Education.

E202 Diploma In Early Childhood Education 93,200.00

E203 Diploma In School Management 93,200.00

E205 Diploma In Gender Studies 93,200.00

E206 Diploma In Guadance And Counselling 93,200.00

E207 Diploma In Public Relations 93,200.00

E208 Diploma In Education 93,200.00

E209 Diploma In Journalism Management 93,200.00

E08 Bachelor Of Library And Information Science 131,200.00

E23 Bachelor Of Education (Home Economics) 131,200.00

E34 Bachelor Of Education (Library Studies) 131,200.00

E35 Bachelor Of Education (Arts) 121,200.00

E37 Bachelor Of Education (Science) 131,200.00

E40 Bachelor Of Education (Early Childhood) 121,200.00

E41 Bachelor Of Education (Special Education) 121,200.00

E49 Bachelor Of Education (Guidance And Counselling) 121,200.00

E78 Bachelor Of Education (Counselling Psychology) 121,200.00

E105 Bachelor Of Philosophy (International Teacher Education)

E42 Postgraduate Diploma In Education 142,700.00

E45 Postgraduate Diploma In Public Relations 142,700.00

E51 Postgraduate Diploma In Guidance And Counselling 142,700.00

E52 Postgraduate Diploma In Journalism And Mass Communication 142,700.00

E55 Master Of Education 142,700.00

E65 Master Of Library And Information Science 142,700.00

E83 Phd In Education 232,300.00

(9.) Kenyatta University Fees at School Of Environmental Studies.

N163 Certificate In Environmental Health 56,500.00

N36 Bachelor Of Environmental Planning & Management 141,200.00

N38 Baachelor Of Environmental Science 131,200.00

N39 Bachelor Of Environmental Studies (Community Dvpt) 131,200.00

N76 Bachelor Of Environmental Studies (Env.Res.Cons) 131,200.00

N80 Bachelor Of Science (Environmental Education) 131,200.00

N50 Master Of Environmental Studies 152,700.00

N85 Phd In Environmental Science 232,300.00

(10.) Kenyatta University Fees at School Of Applied Human Science.

H164 Certificate In Nutrition And Health 56,500.00

H234 Diploma In Tourism Studies 93,200.00

H262 Diploma In Nutrition And Health 93,200.00

H266 Diploma In Hospitality And Management 93,200.00

H09 Bachelor Of Science (Foods Nutrition And Dietetics) 131,200.00

H10 Bachelor Of Science (Family And Consumer Studies) 131,200.00

H11 Bachelor Of Science (Textile Science And Design) 131,200.00

H12 Bachelor Of Science (Hospitality And Tourism Management) 141,200.00

H18 Bachelor Of Science (Sports Technology) 131,200.00

H19 Bachelor Of Science (Leisure And Recreation Management) 131,200.00

H46 Bachelor Of Philosophy In Hospitality & Tourism Management 141,200.00

H89 Bachelor Of Science (Community Resource Management) 131,200.00

H92 Bachelor Of Science (Fashion Design & Marketing) 131,200.00

H94 Bachelor Of Science (Tourism Management) 141,200.00

H62 Master Of Tourism 152,700.00

H60 Master Of Science (Appllied Human Sciences) 152,700.00

H67 Master Of Sports Technology 152,700.00

H87 Phd In Applied Human Sciences 232,300.00

(11.) Kenyatta University Fees at School Of Business.

D235 Diploma In Business Mngt 93,200.00

D236 Diploma In Human Resource Management 93,200.00

D237 Diploma In Marketing 93,200.00

D239 Diploma In Secretarial Studies 93,200.00

D03 Bachelor Of Arts (Cooperative Studies) 141,200.00

D33 Bachelor Of Commerce 141,200.00

D53 Master Of Business Administration 142,700.00

D58 Master Of Science (Enterpreneurship) 142,700.00

D86 Phd In Business Administration 232,300.00

(12.) School Of Health Sciences

P204 Diploma In Management And Control Of Hiv/Aids 93,200.00

P29 Bachelor Of Medicine & Bachelor Of Surgery 447,100.00

P30 Bachelor Of Science (Nursing) 266,700.00

P32 Bachelor Of Science (Environmental Health) 141,200.00

P57 Master Of Public Health And Epidomiology 161,700.00

P97 Phd In Health Sciences 232,300.00

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