Kasneb CMT syllabus

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The CMT examination is held twice yearly in June and December. The examination is divided into two levels each containing five papers, thus making a total of ten papers.

The examination serves two main purposes. Firstly, the CMT certificate provides a person with comprehensive and widely recognised qualification which enables the holder to perform a wide range of specialised credit management tasks in business organisations. Secondly, it provides the holder with an opportunity for further progression in the professional ladder and other specialised credit management fields.

The following are the papers contained in each level of the CMT examination:


Paper No.

1. Fundamentals of Credit Management

2. Introduction to Law

3. Entrepreneurship and Communication

4. Principles of Management

5. Business Mathematics


6. Economics

7. Fundamentals of Information Communication Technology

8. Marketing and Customer Relations

9. Foundations of Accounting

10. Law Governing Credit Practice

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