5 job search tips that will land you the dream job.

Has your job search come to an end? Here are 5 job search tips to ponder about.

Many a times, we have been looking for a job and then we seem not to be making any progress at all. I know it’s a frustrating time and moment and you at times feel like giving up. But, why has this happened? Have you ever posed to ask the question, what went wrong? Or where do I go wrong?

It’s a low nerve to touch because I know the kind of frustration going through your mind.

But after careful research I have come up with 5 job search tips that you need to ask yourself. I call them job search soul search tips.

1) Does your job search technique really work?

What methods are you using to search for the job? Is it the blind approach? Are you just making copies of CV and just sending. I would advice please stop it. Don’t waste any more sent sending that CV, try first building contacts and networks of people who could help you in your search.

2) Are you in the right field career and do you really want a job in that field.

Its been tough and the job market has not been growing but rather shrinking, and I know after searching for a job for so long, some will say any job that comes I will take.

Well am not going to tell you to stop that, but I would rather advice that you get enough reasons to get excited with that job so it shows in an interview-even if the real excitement is being able to pay your rent! Always ask yourself, “am I looking for the right job”

A big bonus to choosing to go after what you really want is that interim jobs become useful means to a much-desired end -- and so you might be able to muster some real energy and determination when it comes to your interim job hunt and interviews!

3) Do you have the competitive edge and are you doing all you can to have it?

Job search is a job in itself. But it’s only effective if you use techniques that get your brand out there to the right people. One way, according to Simpson, is “by weaving your personality and career-related values into your resume” and doing your best to access the “hidden job market” through consistent, highly targeted networking.

But I can’t emphasize enough the importance of creative networking -- and maybe even casting a wide net when you do so. You never know who might know someone who knows someone. So have a cohesive compelling story to tell folks as you attempt to engage them in your job hunt.

This is not the time to be shy. But it’s also important to network wisely and NOT go out there looking hungry for a job. People want to be listened to and valued, and so the best way to network is to actually ask good questions, listen and care about the other person. But if you can walk away with a name or a suggestion, all the better!

4) Can an independent 3rd party help you in job search?

Sometimes we feel we are doing all that is required but yet fail to get the job that matters. Maybe its time we sought the help of an independent person to help you see what you cant see. If you are invited for several interviews and have no offer, maybe your interview skills need to be amended. Its time to also ensure the resume and cover letters are serving you well.

5) Have you exhausted all job searches?

Are you limiting yourself by thinking small? Where are you targeting your job search to? Are you only applying for jobs you are 100% sure of? Why not repackage yourself and resell yourself by re-framing your transferable skills and get yourself into interviews of things you have never done before. Still remember to do awesome creative networking.

Don’t compartmentalize who can help and who cant help.

Now none of this job search tips is meant to criticize what you’re doing. I know how hard you’ve been working and how frustrating your job search has been. Just a reminder that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results.

So maybe…just maybe…it’s time to shake things up a bit with this job search tips.

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