3 Crucial job search preparation tips.

Job search preparation is crucial in order for you to have a competitive edge over the other candidates in an interview.

Often times especially after high school and college many people find themselves caught between a rock and hard place.

On one hand, there is the ever growing need to become independent and on the other hand is the hard reality of what to do in life or even where or which career one wants to pursue in life.

The choice of career is a hard decision to make and most of us often times end up pursuing the careers of our parents.

In these instances, our parents are so forbearing they control us like mere robots. We have little choice but to follow up in doing probably what our parents wanted to do but never achieved.

The career that a parent always dreamed of having and he did not achieve it, he forces it upon his or her child.

In such circumstances we end up doing what we never wanted to do. Don’t worry you are not alone in the wrong career, there are thousands like you and since it might be a little bit late to change, you don’t have to kill yourself over the same.

Here at mykenyan-jobs.com we endeavor to keep you satisfied career wise no matter your circumstances.

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Today we will be looking at the top tips that will enable you make the right career choice and the tips that will help you in looking for that dream job.

Being prepared in the right ways while looking for a job can be of great benefit not only in looking for a job but also in getting the job and maintaining the job.

Many people put great effort, time, and money in building good looking cvs and writing excellent cover letters but know or are little prepared in searching for a job and they lack proper thought and the right planning.

Often times many people get good jobs merely by chance but chance and luck is not something you will be looking upon. It’s better to be thorough in job search preparation because that way you will target the right job for you with the highest probability of success.

Here at mykenyan-jobs.com,we will do that by giving you the hardy tips that will help in job search preparation. Let’s look at the following approaches:

1. Begin by writing down a job profile:

Before engineers begin building a house, they must have all the plans drawn, evaluated and approved in order to begin.

Start viewing building you career like building you house and have a work plan in place, evaluate it and then approve it or even ask a friend to approve it in order to start searching for that job.

Your career blue print should answer the following fundamental questions:

a. What am I gonna be doing to earn a decent living? What drives me, what are my ambitions and passions that drive me?

b. What can be able to do to earn a decent living?It’s always good to know your abilities. Know what kind of knowledge you posses, ask yourself where you qualifications, skills and experiences be properly utilized.

c. Look at the practical considerations of working.Ask yourself, how many hours can I work, how much do I need to be earning, how far away from my ‘base’ can I work from e.t.c

This is called job profiling. Job profiling helps you get focused on what’s important for you and avoids the temptations of being distracted by other seemingly interesting opportunities that might prevent you from succeeding in your career, its a vital step in job search preparation.

Job profiling does not mean you will get all the opportunities that come your way, you will still get rejections and regrets but job profiling helps you to make better job applications, get lesser regrets and get a higher chance of succeeding.

2. After job profiling, have in place a system to organize your job search preparation.

Have a place where you keep record of the progress of you job search. A pocket diary will do. In this diary record all the steps you take in searching for the job and also include the thing to do. Be prepared of what you will do tomorrow.

3. Have a system of tracking your job search.

i) It’s always good to know where you have applied for a job.

If the job was in newspaper, make a copy of the same and keep it. Don’t be called for an interview to a place you don’t even have a clue you applied for a job.

ii) Have a copy of the Cv and cover letter you used to apply for the job or have a way or marking the resumes.

iii) Always note and remember that date of every application you make.

iv) If your Cv was to be delivered to a specific person, note his name and contacts and if addressed to a particular person e.g HR manager or MD, make a note and the contacts

v) Make a note of the person you speak to in a company and also note the nature of you conversation. If there is going to be follow up, know the person to follow up with and his contacts.

vi) Always keep any correspondences with potential client.

Did you know that more than 85% of all jobs are never advertised on the dailies?Here at mykenyan-jobs.com we shall give you tips on where to find the best jobs and also give you more job search preparation tips.

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