How do I overcome Job Loss?

Job loss is a devastating blow especially if that job was the sole source of livelihood.

Most of us are able to plan ahead and have contingent plans of what we gonna do in case of anything, but then, anything can happen any time.

You sleep one night an employed person, then the following day you wake up to the rude shocking news: you are fired.

At this moment you will feel angry, dejected, worn out betrayed, used and frustrated. It’s not easy and nobody ever said it’s gonna be easy, but then again, do you stay there and cry over the spilt milk?? The answer am sure is a big no, you need to move on.

At this moment you are destabilized both financially and emotionally and most of the times people tend to make irrational decisions.

Here I will give you some tips on how you will cope with a job loss.

a) Do not panic.

Hey who said job loss is equal to permanent disability? Never and never allow yourself to be swept by the loss of a job. If you panic, you will not be able to focus, if you are not able to focus, you will loose your sense of direction, and if you loose the sense of direction, you are bound to be making one mistake after the other. Be calm and handle job loss calmly.

b) Remain focused.

Do not entertain negative thinking in your life and know what expectations your family is placing on you. Know how you will be able to feed your family if you are the sole breadwinner and make necessary adjustments in your life.

c) Be open and considerate of new opportunities.

If you were the chief finance manager in a big firm, you will be doing yourself injustice if you only seek exactly the same kind of work and position. Consider working for a smaller less reputable firm especially if you are having financial difficulties.

d) Try to live according to your means.

Live within your capabilities and abilities. Do not live on debts in order to maintain your previous lifestyles, you have to draft some austerity measures that will reduce your unnecessary expenditure. By cutting down on expenditure, it does not mean cutting your family off. The things you were doing together as a family such as recreation, try reduce but don’t shut them out.

e) Do not get tired of looking for a new job.

No matter how long or short you have been on the employment, keep looking for a new job. Remember we said the first thing, don’t panic, and so keep looking for an opening. Don’t listen to what other people are saying about you but remain focused and put the interest of your family ahead.

f) The credit cards are good when you have the finances to cater for the debt.

When you loose your job, you can still access credit. Credit cards have the tendency to keep you in a state of denial about your true position. If you miss use the credit card it will add on to your financial problems, so try as much as you can not to accrue debts. Remember, live within your means.

g) Renegotiate with your creditors.

You may have secured some funding based on a pledged asset and your salary. If you don’t pay, your debt becomes bad, hurts your credit rating and I can assure you it’s a good recipe for auctioneers.

The best way of solving a problem is not running away from the problem but facing the problem. Go to your financiers early and negotiate new terms of repayment, either reduced rates or prolonged pay periods. They will listen to you and your honesty will count a great deal.

h) Sit down and discuss the job loss with your partner and the way its going to affect the family financially. Many people live in denial and will be waking up as usual in the morning and leave the house as usual but be going to sleep in a park.

Sooner or later, the other partner will discover the reality and might result in terrible fights and may even lead to divorce.

i) Loosing your job does not mean that you loose your self esteem.

Do not get stagnated with the past or be held captive by the past. People loose jobs all the time for all reasons under the sun. Come-on cheer up and remain the former you. Let your character not change with job loss.

j) Have you ever looked at the job loss as an opportunity to think outside the box?

Start doing that because, if you keep your eyes open you will see an opportunity and seize it, but if you have negative thoughts, you will definitely be in a hard place and you will never see an opportunity.

Have you ever lost a job? Share your experiences with others and encourage those that are lost on how they can cope.

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