Interview Introduction: What you need to rmemeber always.

Interview introduction is a very important part in the interview because it creates the first impression, gives you the first few minutes, and determines the entire process.

Being prepared well before will put you in a position where you will be able to sell yourself effectively and set the tone for the interview.

In most instances you will be asked. Introduce yourself….

Don’t just say am so and so and then keep quiet. Am going to give you some tips on how to do interview introduction and ‘take over the interview processes

Remember: the interview panel does not want to know about your personal life but want to do if you fit in the job and if your qualifications, skills and experiences will add value to the company, and what you have achieved in your professional life.

Talk about the main information regarding your skills and let the interviewer take from there and proceed with interview.

Please note: you have changed the interviewer’s point of view to be yours. He conducts the interview the way u want and am sure he cant beat you in your own game..

How to do interview introduction professionally.

Few key points about yourself.

As it is the beginning of the interview, you will be able to provide only few key points about yourself that are interesting and yet useful for the continuity of the job interview:

• In two or three sentences focus on what most interests the interviewer – start with your most recent job, explain why you are interested in this position and why you are well qualified for the position – your key qualification and professional qualities.

• Highlight your greatest achievements – put forward short statements (or a short story) that draw attention to your accomplishments.

Answer the Questions Concisely.

While doing interview introduction, try to be precise. A long and winding introduction may put off the interviewer right from the beginning – the best way to introduce oneself in an interview is to prepare a brief speech, an oral profile, which would be easy to remember, so that one can say it out flawlessly, confidently, subtly and yet has good impression on the interviewer.

Never make it too long – make it up to 1 minute top. You would want to interact with the interviewer as soon as possible, giving him a chance to lead the conversation rather than missing your way right at the beginning of the conversation.

Don’t repeat phrases from your resume.

Remember that your resume is already on the table – your resume is in front of the interviewer. Of course, you will be able to expend more about info that is written in the resume during the interview flow.

Asking this question, the interviewer wants an introduction speech, a briefer – he will wait to hear the main points about you.


Don’t worry, you are not alone, everyone gets nervous before a job interview. Remember one thing though -- the interviewer probably is too (we interview and sometimes we get nervous!)

Don't forget that the interviewer is just trying to solve a problem -- they need someone in that job. The interviewer is NOT trying to test you or to find fault. They are matching you with their job vacancy. They want the vacancy filled as much as you want the job!

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What about body language?

During the interview session, around 85% of all communication is non verbal but you do it through your body and mostly subconsciously

During interview introduction, when you talk, your actual words only convey part of the message. You can give a great interview answer but if you're giving out the wrong signals at the same time your interviewers may have some doubts about what you are saying.

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