Conducting an effective Interview Follow Up.

Interview follow up is good because many people have attended different interviews and after they are through, they are lost as to whether to make follow up or not.

Some are scared of making a follow up they seem not interested in the job while others become a nag.

I hope you understand what I mean a nag. Calling once or a couple of times is not a nag, but I know some people can be a nag.

What you need to know to ease the pain of waiting.

i). Thank you notes are a great first follow-up step. When you write that simple thank you note, it leaves a great impression and it’s a first good step in follow up contact.

ii). Show you have patience and professionalism by waiting at least a week – or better yet two (depending on the type of job) – before you follow-up after the thank you note.

iii). When you do follow up, make it short and sweet unless you have something new and relevant to add – and keep that short too.

iv). Some of the very guys you are waiting to hear back from get over a hundred e-mails a day – many requiring immediate action – so if they don’t respond right away (or at all)…it’s NOT about you, there is nothing personal.

v). Some companies take weeks just to interview the first round of candidates – plus there are internal decision-making processes that take lots of time.

vi). Some companies have policies about not responding at all to follow-up contacts (there are legal implications such as when responses are misconstrued by the candidate), and so these companies wait instead until an offer was made and accepted. Again this is not about YOU.

vii). After the thank you and additional follow-up, wait at least 2 weeks before checking your status again – unless they tell you to call on a specific date or to just wait until they get back to you.

viii). If there is even a chance you might get the job, the employer remembers you – really! If there’s no chance…no amount of calling will help, and it may hurt your chances next time there’s an opening. So please resist trying to remind them every few days. That's not interview follow up, because there’s a fine line between persistence and stalking!

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