How to get interview feedback

Getting interview feedback is essential though not a must because many people after failing to get a job feel dejected and awful.

I have been there and felt that too. But then again, do you want to sit there and mourn the failure to get that job? I bet no. it’s even better and advisable to try and get to know why you failed the interview so that you can prepare well for future interviews and not repeat the same mistakes.

How do you ask the information from where you had failed?

In most instances, many employers will not be keen to give detailed reasons as to why you failed an interview. They say that’s their discretion but then again, you can get some useful information on why you failed.

I once worked for a construction company in industrial area and there was a policy that any member of interview panel, I happened to be one of them, should not answer to questions as to why a candidate was not chosen. Such calls were to be directed to the HR manger herself.

My best suggestion on how to get interview feedback is to first contact me via e-mail (in general contact whomever you seemed to connect with most).

Ask if it’s ok for you to call to get some feedback on your interviews. And make it clear you understand feedback may be limited, but that all you are looking for is some general observations and/or advice that might help you the next time.

And keep the initial e-mail to 2 or 3 sentences tops.At this point, of course, it’s up to the person whether they even want to respond – even if they are allowed to do so.

But at least you’ve made it clear general feedback would be fine and they won’t be giving away proprietary company information by speaking with you.

What If You Don’t Hear Back After You Ask for Feedback?If you don’t hear back from the person within about 2 weeks, you might send another short note saying you understand there are probably reasons they prefer not to offer feedback, but you still hope they keep you in mind for future openings since you really enjoyed meeting them and would love to work there one day.

And then if you’re really daring you might try one more person at the company – very gently and politely. At this point if you still get no response, you probably should back off.

Depending on the situation, if I got a note like this I’d probably be open to at least a phone call, explaining carefully I’m giving my own thoughts that may not reflect those of the company. Then I’d give a few tips I think would help.

I really don’t know how many others would go for this, but since it could also open up a future networking contact the risk may be worth it. Every situation and industry is different, so as I see it there’s no one-size-fits-all answer on getting interview feedback.

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