What do you include in CV

Wondering what to include in CV?

After writing and laying out your cv so well, there are some things you need to do and some that you should never do in your cv. Here are some

a) Always use a positive tone and language in your CV and sound confident. Nobody wants to hire somebody who is not confident of himself. Always use strong adjectives when describing something that you achieved or when highlighting your skills. An example is use of words such as developed, initiated, collaborated with, improved, saved e.t.c

b) Make your email address real, those funny email addresses like redtailfox@xyz.com might not auger well with the employer. You a combination of your names.

c) Always highlight on your achievements rather than concentrating on your responsibilities. In today’s competitive world, employers are looking for people who can deliver. People, who are achievers, always do highlight the same.

d) Make you CV worth reading and inviting to the interviewer to read more. Highlight your achievements and skills on the first page there by making the employer want to know you more hence read more.

e) Always let your statements of achievement have substance. Don’t just be a perfect communicator. But be able to show how your skills have benefitted others.

f) Always put forward your skills and achievements in a way that will set you apart from the other applicants. Be precise to the point and keep your CV to utmost 2 pages. Only very senior people should make their CV’s more than 3 pages.

g) Avoid the pitfall of writing your CV in a hurry. Take your time, read your CV, read it again, and again and again. This way you will use the correct syntaxes, avoid unnecessary spelling mistakes. Get a friend to proof read the CV for you.

h) Always be able to arrange you CV such that the most relevant information appears first. This is called prioritizing the cv. Always have your priorities right.

i) Where you made a great stride in the field of academics, e.g recently completed thesis or dissertation, or other extra activity achieved. This is especially true for fresh graduates.

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