7 reasons why you keep getting wrong job.

Why am I getting wrong job always? I have talked to several people who are working and they all seem to have this problem. They all say this is not the job that I wanted.

To be honest there is no straight forward answer to that remark. First we need to understand that so many factors both on your side and on the interviewer side come to play an important role.

In some cases it’s a matter of feeling and at times a matter of chemistry but not a reflection of which you are as a person or how much you will offer the employer.

Deciding whether or not to take a job offer can be excruciating.While many are waiting and hungry for any job offer that comes their way, there are those in the above situation and are confused.

Their confusion is understandable and comes from the following reasons:

a). Timing problems

You get an offer for a job you’re less interested in before your preferred job offer comes through – assuming it ever does come through. How do you handle a poorly-timed offer without leaving yourself without any job at all?

b). An offer without commitment

You get an offer, but it’s not what you had hoped for. Instead of coming through with the whole package, they want to try before they buy (more and more common nowadays) and suggest a consulting stint first so they can see if there’s a fit. (Except when you hear this, you have the fit!)

c). A different job completely

You interview for one job, but they decide you aren’t qualified for that one. Still, you made a good impression on them and they offer you a lower level job (at lower level salary of course.) Is it bait and switch or is it opportunity knocking?

d). Salary, salary, salary

They love you and tell you how much they want you to be part of their team, but they come to you with an offer so low your eyeballs freeze up in disbelief.

e). Bait and switch for real

You get the offer for the job you want, but they decide to change the scope of your responsibilities, adding some things you were not counting on doing. You will always feel you getting wrong job always.

f). Simultaneous offers

Within a few days of each other, you get two offers, but neither of them is your dream job. How do you compare them? Which one will be best for you in the long run? in most instances you end up getting wrong job.

g). Your boss counters

You get a good job offer and when you tell your current boss, s/he starts looking for a way to keep you. How do you decide whether to stay or go? Is there a point when it’s too late no matter how good the counter offer is?

Take note of how much time you are spending doing things that are not personally fulfilling, that aren’t deserving of your precious time, skills, and resources, and that aren’t an expression of who you are and what you have to offer the world.

Then take note of how much of your time is spent recovering and recuperating from stress and how much of a toll being in an unfulfilling job is taking on your body and your health.

Coming to this kind of realization can be difficult but it can also be the beginning of important journey that you know you must take. And I truly hope that you will.

If you feel you in the bad job, consider this your call to action. Being committed to finding and doing the work that you’re meant to be doing is one of the most important things that you can do to ensure a happy and fulfilling life for yourself and your family.

But really, being committed to being practical and to remaining in an unhappy career situation is not doing anybody any good. Imagine how much more high quality time you could spend with your loved ones if you weren’t always stressed out and drained by your job.

And imagine how inspired they will be when you demonstrate the courage of living a meaningful life and pursuing your genuine interests and not always complaining of getting wrong job always.

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