Farm Manager Jobs in Kenya

Farm Manager Jobs in Kenya can be in large scale estates or small scale estates where the kind of farming carried out varies from horticulture, animal rearing to cash crop farming.

Farm manager will be expected to manage the farm proactively and ensuring excellent returns, liaising with the director(s) in managing the firm effectively.

Key duties and responsibilities

* Planning, setting production targets, and buying materials needed for the farm, such as animal feed, seedling, farm inputs, insecticides e.t.c and maintaining health and safety across the farm.

* Ensuring the firm is operating within the legal guidelines stipulated by the Kenya law.

* Continuously monitoring the quality, performance of the crops and animal produce and also monitoring the health and welfare of the animals and plants.

* Managing the firms budget, cash flow and communicating with suppliers.

* Monitoring and documenting all yields and record keeping.

* Marketing and selling produce, negotiating with buyers such as supermarket chains, food processors or local supply chains.

* Arranging the maintenance and repair of farm buildings, machinery and equipment.

* Oversee and coordinate inspection and ensure reports are given on day today basis to the Director.

* Maintaining knowledge of pests and diseases and understand how they spread and how to treat as well as control them.

* Hire, train or supervise farm workers or contract for services to ensure an efficient day to day activities or operations and also solve workers grievances.

* Managing the smooth operation of breeding, gestation and finishing units which includes feed and co-ordination of animal flows.

* Implement Bio-security controls and procedures for people.


* BSc in Animal Science, Agricultural Business or related degree desirable.

* Minimum of 5 years experience in pig production preferably a lady.

* Must be computer literate.

* Proven evidence of managerial or leadership skills is essential.

* Excellent husbandry skills and Knowledge of animal and plant Health Programme.

* Good communication (verbal/written), interpersonal and computer skills are required.

* A team oriented person is paramount to the success of these roles.


* Proven training skills

* The candidate should be fit, energetic, and resilient, and be comfortable to be located away from the city.

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