Egerton University Faculty and Departments

1. Egerton University Faculty of Agriculture.

This is composed of four Departments, each headed by a Chairman of Department.

The four Departments are:

1. Agricultural Economics and Agri-business Management.

2. Animal Sciences.

3. Crops, Horticulture and Soils.

4. Dairy,Food Sciences and Technology.

2. Egerton University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FASS) has been in existence since 1986. Its establishment was simultaneous with the transformation of Egerton College into a University College and, subsequently, into a fully-fledged University in 1987.

In the best traditions of institutional intellectualism, the new University acknowledged that it could not conceive of itself without the solid presence in it of the humanistic and social disciplines. Since 1986, the Faculty has concerned itself with defining and asserting its identity, as well as with creating adequate conditions for its sustained growth.


• Department of Economics

• Department of Literature, Languages and Linguistics

• Department of History ,Philosophy and Religion

• Department of Peace, Security and Social Studies

3. Egerton University Facutly of Commerce.

The Faculty offers programs that lay emphasis on the functional areas of Commerce, and stress on problem solving, computer skills, management information systems and managerial business analysis.

The Faculty offers its programs at the Egerton Main and Nakuru Town Campuses.

A) Accounting, Finance And Management Science department.

The department offers courses in

• Accounting,

• Banking and Finance

• Management Science

B) Business Management department.

The department offers courses in

• Marketing

• Insurance and Risk Management

• Co-operative Management

• Human Resource Management

4. Egerton University Faculty of Education and Communtity Studies.

• Department of Agricultural Education and Extension

• Department of Applied Community Development Studies

• Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Management

• Department of Psychology, Counselling and Education Foundations

5. Faculty of Engineering and Technology.

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology was started on March 1, 1997. The Faculty then consisted only of one department namely Agricultural Engineering, which hitherto was administered under the Faculty of Agriculture.

Since then, the Faculty has expanded and now has three more departments namely:

• Department of Agricultural Engineering

• Department of Civil and Environment Engineering.

• Department of Electrical and Control Engineering

• Department of Industrial and Energy Engineering

6. Egerton University Faculty of Environment and Resources Development.

The Faculty of Environment and Resources Development (FERD) was established in 1999.

The Faculty has the following three departments:

• Natural Resources

• Environmental Science

• Geography.

Currently the Faculty has 48 teaching staff and a total of 935 both undergraduate and graduate students registered under the different programmes offered in the Faculty. The departments apply a holistic approach in training in all the programmes

7. Egerton University Faculty of Health Sciences.

The University Management established Faculty of Health Sciences in January, 2002. Prior to this, however, a Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery Programme had been started in September, 1999 and administered under the Faculty of Science until late 2000 when it started functioning independently and evolving as a nucleus upon which the Faculty was finally established.

All together their are five programmes.

• Department of Anatomy

• Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery

• Department of Human Nutrition

• Department of Human Physiology

• Department of Nursing

• Department of Medicine Child Health and Community Health

• Department of Surgery and Reproductive Health

8. Egerton University Faculty of Science.

The Faculty of Science was created in 1987 when Egerton University was given a full University status. It was found logical to create the Faculty to offer basic science degree programmes besides offering service courses to other programmes.

The first Bachelor of Science students majoring in Basic Sciences were admitted for the 1987/88 Academic Year. The first Bachelor of Education in Science students were admitted in 1988/89 Academic Year.

The faculty has the following departments

• Chemistry

• Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

• Computer Science

• Physics

• Mathematics

• Biological Sciences

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