Cover Letter writing tips.

A cover letter is a summary of your CV at a glance.

This is the first document that the employer will see before going through your CV.

As such it’s important to make it neat, concise and precise. Don’t write a novel.

At, it’s our duty and desire to see you grow and develop into that career you always dreamt of.

We are going to give you some ideas that will help you write a professional presentable selling point. As indicated below:

a) Always ensure the letter is properly addressed.If your application is supposed to land into a specific person’s desk, write attention to …if you are not sure or don’t know the person it’s supposed to land to, address it to the human resources manager.

Ensure also that your contacts are clearly indicated; postal address, email address and telephone contacts.

b) Always ensure that your letter is dated and you have underlined the reference title. Don’t use free hands to underline, you better leave it.

c) Do not have the same letter going out to every employee.. Always modify your letter to fit in the requirements of the job you are applying.

Remember this important letter will tell about your skills at a glance. So always make the cover letter answer the question of why do we need to hire you.

d) Remember as I said earlier, don’t start telling a story or writing a novel with your letter. Go straight to the point without beating around the bush.

The reference should clearly indicate what position you are applying for and reference number of the job if it had been given out in the advert.


e) Give a very brief description of yourself. Remember, keep it brief. Briefly state your qualification levels and probably where you graduated from.

f) Write about your skills and how you fit in the position. Be brief, pick 3 or 4 skills and in short give a summary. Remember to always make sure that the skills you talk about are in your CV.

g) Conclude the letter by thanking the employer and also mention that you can be called any moment to discuss your skill, that’s like telling the employer you are ready for an interview.

h) It’s always good to make a follow up on your application. After a nice cover letter and the application, ensure the employer knows you value him and you are serious to work with him.

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