7 reasons why you never proceed beyond first interview.

Have you been in the situation where you dont proceed beyond first interview? What are the landmines that blew up after the first interview?

Can your resume loose you a good job?

Of course, if your resume is getting you first interviews and still you never make it to any second interviews or an offer, I wouldn’t put ALL your effort into tweaking your resume.

It might also be a very good time to face facts and look at ways to improve your interview skills and help you proceed beyond first interview.

Let’s look at why you are invited for a first interview and you never progress beyond first interview to the second and subsequent interviews.

First all resumes when they arrive at the company’s desk, whether u sent by email or hard copy, it’s screened to guess whom to interview.

To some employers, there may be candidates brought in for a first interview who have a lot of the skills they’re looking for even if their resumes may not be perfect.

Jobs have non-quantifiable requirements / qualifications…so there are employers who will take a chance and bring in folks who show at least some match with the job – even if not an absolute bulls-eye.

Then it’s up to the candidates to sell themselves as the perfect match as best they can.

But your resume isn’t done yet. Even if it’s not the general rule, there are folks out there who will scrutinize your resume after that first interview. And this is where things can still blow up.

Your first interview went well!! then why didn't proceed beyond first interview?

Your first interview went well and you went home…..but wait a minute, you never received a phone call.

Here’s something you may or may not have thought about. The resume that got you in the door and into that interview you think you aced may still get passed around and seen by others.

After the first round, your resume will be passing through many hands for scrutiny for second interview.

Each person adds their own opinion and may be looking for even the slightest thing that signals a potential problem.So what does this mean? Don’t take a chance. You need to pay really close attention up front, before you ever send out those oh-so-important representations of who you are and what you offer.

Your resume has to be the best it can be, painting a picture of you as someone who is a terrific match for the job and a potential plus for the organization.

If there’s even a small mistake, it can cost you the job – yes even after the interview that seemed to go so well.

Is that fair?

NO. And please know most times it will be just fine. But you never know how a person makes a decision, so why risk it? Your most important job is to help them make the right decision by giving them a resume that gets them excited about you – and includes nothing that might raise an eyebrow or leave a funny aftertaste.

What are possible things that might make your resume dropped after interview?

a) Lack of attention to detail. Don’t ignore those minute details. Proof read your resume and check for typing and spelling mistakes.

b) Gaps & other red flags that raise too many questions. Let your resume flow naturally.

c) Experience that reads as lightweight compared with your stated role or what you told them in the interview. If you are or stated you were the finance director, you won’t be expected to be posting the petty cashbook. Let the skills be consumerate with your stated position.

d) Experience that seems too weak for the job for which you’re interviewing.

e) Experience that seems too strong for the job for which you’re interviewing.

f) Too much prior experience unrelated to the job for which you’re interviewing.

g) Personal information of any kind that misdirects their focus &/or raises concerns

And if your resume does raise questions that resonate beyond the first interview, these questions may cause people anywhere along the hiring process to decide to go with candidates whose resumes seem less questionable and more directly in tune with the job.

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