Baringo Teachers Sacco Society Limited

Baringo Teachers Sacco Society Limited was registered on31st August, 1976 by Ten(10) Members with Savings of Ksh.60,000/=.

Area of Operation - the Republic of Kenya, specifically Baringo County- Baringo Central, Koibatek, East Pokot and North Baringo, Marigat,Mogotio and Some neighbouring Districts.

Active Members are 7,723 with over 32,850 Account Holders in all FOSA Sections.

Baringo Teachers Sacco


To encourage Savings among Members and to create a source of funds that Members can borrow loans at a reasonable rate of interest. Thus improving their standards of living by building their Economic Status.


A model and dynamic SACCO empowering Members/Customers through high quality Financial Products and Services.


To Mobilize Members and Savings,then offer high quality,Competitive and Market driven financial products and Services using appropriate Technology.


United We Prosper

Statistical Performance as at 31st December, 2010 Audited Accounts thus: -

(a) Membership (COSA) - Active 7 723.

(b) Account Holders (FOSA) - Active 31 031.

(c) Share Capital (COSA) - Kshs.35.5Million.

(d) Members Equity Shares - Kshs.183.3 Million. Kshs.1, 176 Billion

(e) Members Deposits (COSA) - Kshs.957.5 Million.

(f) Members Loan Outstanding - Kshs.1 Billion.

(g) Members Deposits (FOSA) - Kshs.462 Million.

(h) FOSA Advances & Micro-credit- Kshs.355.8Million.

(i) Rates of Dividend, Interest and Bonus for 2010 are 10% , 9.2% and 10% respectively.

(k) Highest Saver - Kshs.1.86 Million.

(l) Highest Loanee - Kshs.1.9 Million. Total Assets Kshs.2.2 Billion

Baringo Teachers Sacco Society Limited Products:

Central Office Services Activity – COSA

a. Normal Loan – Repayable in 60 Months. Interest 12% p.a.

b. School Fees Loan - Repayable in 12 Months. On Decreasing Balance

c. Emergency Loan - Repayable in 12 Months. ( = 6.5 % P.A)

d. Refinance (Top up) - Additional Loan with 1.5% Interest on Reducing Balance where 0.5% is deducted upfront..

e. SACCO Quick Loan - Repayable in 60 Months. Interest 1.25% p.m. on ReducingBalance but 0.25% is paid instantly from the Loan Approved.

f. Services – Credit Advisory, Conference hall Facilities, Chairs and Public Address Systems for Hire.

Front Office Services Activity (FOSA)

We have Five (7) FOSA Branches


• Personal Savings Account

• Micro-credit Activity

- This Activity was stared in 2003 with the objective of mobilizing local resources and building economic sustainability, hence alleviating poverty. Today, the Total Savings amount to Kshs.100.4 Million while Loans stand at Kshs.173 Million.

- Micro-credit Activity targets Members of Community who are not in formal employment. Micro-credit Services are provided through organized Associations, Groups and informal merry-go-round groups who are involved in valuable forms of Savings mobilization for a common purpose and alleviating Members


Baringo Teachers SACCO Society Limited ,

Mercy Hospital Market Street.

P.O. Box: 80, 20103 Eldama Ravine, Kenya

Tel: +254 (20)8024 882 , Mobile:- +254(720) - 200 689 , (734) 200 004

Email: - Head Office

The Members/clients can communicate to the Society through the following official e-mail addresses;

1. - Head Office

2. -ICT Department

3. - Eldama Ravine FOSA

4. - Kabarnet FOSA

5. - Mogotio FOSA

6. - Marigat FOSA

7. ,- Kabartonjo FOSA

8. - Mochongoi Agency

9. - Barwessa Agency

10. - Loans Section

Baringo Teachers Sacco Society Limited

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