Aptitude Test Preparation

Aptitude test preparation means that when the actual test comes you will not panic but will be able to perform well and pass and move to the next level.

Here will shall give you the tips for aptitude test preparation.

What do you need to know?

a. Don't be concerned about employee selection testing. All that's being measured is your overall aptitude for a given position and math and numerical tests aside, there are generally no 'right' or 'wrong' answers.

b. Most job selection tests are carried out under exam conditions. The majority are multiple choice and there are time limits. It's unusual for all candidates to complete the test before the time is up, so don't worry if you're one of them.

c. Unlike other tests, job aptitude tests don't normally have a 'pass mark' as such. Your results are usually compared with the test results of people tested for the job you're applying for. By doing proper aptitude test preparation, you can ''pass'' well

d. Job aptitude tests can cover more than one area. Although there are many types, one section might measure your ability to reason with numbers, another might focus on how you interpret text and a third might measure how you read diagrams.

Remember aptitude test are part of an interview just like any other and aptitude test preparation is very vital, and the tips we gave on job interview preparation also do apply.

The following tips are hardy as you prepare for aptitude tests.

a. Reach the test location early, well rested and in a relaxed and positive frame of mind

b. Read and listen to instructions carefully. Where marks are not evenly distributed between sections, concentrate on the sections that will give the highest marks, but don’t overlook other sections.

c. Aptitude tests call for speed, but you have to balance between speed and accuracy. You can be too fast and not accurate or you are accurate but too slow.

d. If after reading a question, not outright answer comes to your mind, move on and don’t waste time on it. However don’t leave too soon inorder to finish.

e. At times you might be tempted to double check questions to ensure you are correct, you might be wasting valuable time while double checking. Instead move on and if at the end you have time, double check.

f. If you are not sure of an answear, make the best quess. However, if the instructions were that marks will be deducted for wrong answears, don’t make wild guess.

g. Most aptitude test are designed in such a way that as you move down, they become more and more difficult. Don’t panic when you see you are taking longer time but move on steadly and maintain high speed.

h. If the aptidude test requires some tests using calculators, if you are allowed, carry your own since you are more familiar with it.

i. Follow our sample tests and if you still feel you are not properly prepared, contact us.

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