Accepting job offer, what does it involve?

Accepting job offer comes after education and training, graduating from college, heartbreaks of searching for a job, being short listed for an interview, sitting through heartbreaking interview sessions………there comes that magical phone call.

After picking up the phone, you hear the voice…….''may I kindly speak to so n so….and you answer in affirmative and say this is me speaking…….’’

The mention of the company name makes your head ring. Then the person on the other end says…….. ‘hold on a second for my caller…’ as you wait, your braining is racing popping up a thousand questions and then you are interrupted by the voice on the other end……….

''This is blah blah blah the human resource manager of xyz. Am calling to inform you that following the successful interview which you participated in, our company has selected you to fill in the position of…………you are supposed to come to our offices and pick up your letter of offer…….’’

Most of us would just smile, shout, scream … all sort of things.

Well I feel you and I also felt the same in my first call informing me of a job offer, but I would rather not you scream yes!!! A million times because your journey of searching for a job is not over until the moment you start reporting to the company on a regular basis.

Infact the company reserves the right to reverse its decision regarding your choice any time even during salary negotiating stage. I would encourage you to ensure that everything that you do during the process is flawless to ensure you succeed.

On this article we look at the aspects of accepting a job offer and writing that acceptance letter to confirm the same.

Why the acceptance letter?

After the interviews are over and the company has chosen you to fill the position available, the company will give you a job offer letter.

Until you have chosen to confirm through righting of your acceptance of such position, it remains just that….an offer. There is no documentary proof that you accepted the offer, hence the need to write acceptance letter.

If you accept to the terms given on the offer letter, it’s upon you to write an acceptance letter of the same before you append your letter to that contract form.

How do you accept a job offer?

After picking up your job offer letter, in most instances you are given a few days to read the terms of offer.

Where no such time is given, it’s always good to ask the HR manager to give you a day or 2 to look at the letter and give your reply.

After you have digested everything and feel its okay to accept the offer, its time to write the acceptance letter.

What’s in an acceptance letter?

An acceptance letter should be simple, brief, and to the point. My friend don't start narrating a story of how you had fasted or sacrificed to get the job and how you thank your stars and guardian angels for the same, how you always felt the position was for you…..NOOOOOO that’s not the point.

Accepting job offer should be simple, brief and to point. Your acceptance letter should contain the following……

a) An appreciation note thanking the company and the management for giving you the opportunity to work for them.

b) A brief basic acceptance of the job itself.

c) The acceptance of the terms and conditions of service.

d) The conclusion of your letter highlighting gratitude and you appreciation.

Include all this a way of accepting job offer.

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